Accent Therapeutics Announces Company Launch with $40 Million Series A Financing for Novel, Precision Cancer Treatments Targeting RNA-Modifying Proteins

  • Company establishes platform strategy to lead development of
    promising new precision therapies in the emerging field of
  • Accent Therapeutics team publishes authoritative review of
    RNA-modifying proteins as anticancer drug targets in Nature Reviews
    Drug Discovery

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Accent Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough
treatments for cancer patients, today announced $40 million in Series A
capital to establish a discovery platform and pipeline of therapeutic
candidates targeting RNA-modifying proteins (RMPs), a novel target space
for precision cancer therapies. The Column Group, Atlas Venture and
EcoR1 Capital provided the investment.

Accent Therapeutics was established to create innovative therapeutics in
the rapidly advancing area of epitranscriptomics – the role of RNA
structure, stability, function and translation in cell biology. Recent
studies have linked certain human cancers to the activity of particular
RMPs, providing a rich new target space for drug development. The Accent
Therapeutics team includes seasoned drug developers, with an established
record of translating novel science into innovative therapies. Leaders
of that team have recently published a peer-reviewed overview of
advances in the field in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery entitled
“RNA-Modifying Proteins as Anticancer Drug Targets”

Accent’s founders include Howard Y. Chang, M.D., Ph.D. of Stanford
University, Chuan He, Ph.D. of the University of Chicago and Robert A.
Copeland, Ph.D., President and Chief Scientific Officer of Accent
Therapeutics, who together bring broad and deep expertise in the
emerging biology of epitranscriptomics, its role in human diseases and
the translation of novel science to cancer drug discovery and
development. “Epitranscriptomics opens a rich new target space,
including RMPs that are associated with specific cancers, many with poor
patient prognoses,” said Dr. Copeland. “We plan to treat patients by
precisely targeting cancers that are uniquely dependent on these
specific RMPs.”

“There is great value in targeting the molecular mechanisms that can go
awry and drive specific cancers. We are excited to support Accent as
they develop efficacious and truly differentiated cancer therapeutics,”
said Larry Lasky, PhD., Partner at The Column Group and a member of the
Accent Therapeutics board of directors.

“The Accent team is anchored by experienced drug developers with a track
record of success in the creation of innovative precision therapies.
They are well-suited to undertake the development of effective new
therapies targeting RMPs,” said Jason Rhodes, Partner at Atlas Venture
and a member of the Accent Therapeutics board of directors.

About The Column Group

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About Atlas Venture

Atlas Venture is a leading biotech venture capital firm. With the goal
of doing well by doing good, Atlas has been building
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About EcoR1

EcoR1 Capital LLC is a fundamental biotechnology-focused investment
advisory firm. Based in San Francisco, EcoR1 evaluates and selects
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About Accent Therapeutics

Accent Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing
oncology-focused, small molecule therapies in the emerging field of
epitranscriptomics. This field of biology encompasses
post-transcriptional chemical modifications of RNA that provide cells
with a unique mechanism for regulating proteins critical for cellular
growth and differentiation. By targeting cancer-linked RNA-modifying
proteins (RMPs) with precision therapies, we aim to translate
extraordinary science into life-changing therapies for patients. For
more information, please visit


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