AmorChem Reinforces Its Innate Immunity Franchise with an Investment in Checkpoint Control Target SRSF3

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#AmorChemlt;/agt;–AmorChem II is very proud to announce the financing of a new university
project. Following the agreement, it has reached with Université Laval
and the CERVO Brain Research Centre of the CIUSSS de la Capitale
, the venture capital fund will finance the development of
a project on the SRSF3 target in the laboratory of Dr Jasna Kriz.

“This program is focused on the regulatory mechanisms involved in the
altered peripheral/central innate immune response in neurological
disorders, and in particular, on the role of microglia/macrophages in
both acute and chronic neuroinflammation observed in various central
nervous system (“CNS”) diseases. This novel target is a key regulator of
RNA splicing, transport and gene expression, which appears to play a
central role analogous to checkpoint inhibition of the innate immune
system. Similarly to T-cell checkpoints in oncology, removal of this
off-switch in the innate immune response would open the door to the
development of new therapeutic approaches to different human diseases,”
says Kevin McBride, PhD, partner and CSO at AmorChem.

“The past few years have confirmed the promise of therapeutic strategies
focusing on innate immunity. This project allows AmorChem to work on a
target that plays a key role in its control. This mechanism of action is
very relevant for neuroinflammatory diseases, most notably for
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Our experience in neuroinflammation will
contribute to defining the start-up company potential of this project,”
adds Elizabeth Douville, PhD, co-founder and managing partner at

“Thanks to the efficient cooperation between the Office of Vice Rector
of Research, Creation and Innovation of Université Laval and the CIUSSS
de la Capitale Nationale
, we were able to rapidly enter into a
collaboration designed to unleash the potential of SRSF3. In addition,
the team at SOVAR played a leading role in connecting Dr Kriz and
AmorChem and helping her in the various stages of the selection process
conducted by our organization,” notes Maxime Ranger, PhD MBA, general
partner at AmorChem.

The Vice Rector of Research, Creation and Innovation, Ms Eugénie
Brouillet, expressed her enthusiasm for the potential presented by the
transaction. “This promising partnership will accelerate the development
of Dr Jasna Kriz’s work, which is key in identifying new treatments for
CNS diseases.”

About AmorChem

AmorChem (
is a leading early-stage, venture capital fund located in Montreal
focused on creating promising life science companies from technologies
originating primarily from Quebec-based universities and research
centres. Launched in 2011, the AmorChem I Fund model combines access to
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rapid development and commercialization of its technologies. The first
fund (41.2M$) has built a portfolio of 24 technologies and successfully
transacted two pharma exits as well as spun-out six companies. The
attractiveness of this seed fund model and the role it plays in the
investment ecosystem were highlighted in September 2017 with the launch
of the AmorChem II Fund, which now totals 45.7M$.


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