Announcing Workplace Tonight! A New Comedic Micro-Learning Series Addressing Corporate Risk

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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GDPR–Announcing Workplace Tonight! a comedic micro-learning video
series that explains corporate training topics to employees and why they
should care. These short, entertaining, educational programs mirror the
popular late-night satirical news desk shows, but instead of social and
political satire, Workplace Tonight! explains important, but
often boring, training topics to employees with a little empathy and

“I love it! It’s like the John Oliver show meets ethics and
compliance mixed with a little SNL Weekend Update,”
says Angelique
Lee-Rowley, US General Counsel & Compliance Officer at GW

“In a world where internal and external forces are competing for our
employees’ attention, adding a touch of humor to ethics and compliance
training can provide an advantage. With the right dose of humor to
tickle our emotions, training is more memorable and employees are more
likely to recall it when it matters most,” says Yan Tougas, Global
Ethics & Compliance Officer, United Technologies Corporation.

Workplace Tonight! was created by L&E utilizing a writing team
with credits from The Colbert Report, The Onion & The Second City
collaborating with ethics and compliance thought leaders from
Boehringer-Ingelheim, Dell, GW Pharmaceuticals, National Grid, UCB
Pharmaceuticals, United Technologies Corporation among others. Workplace
covers topics including harassment & discrimination,
bribery & corruption, conflicts of interest & gifts, privacy & GDPR,
honest & accurate reporting, the importance of speaking up, and ethical
leadership. There are also industry specific episodes for pharmaceutical
and medical device covering off-label promotion, anti-kickback,
transparency, and other risks associated with interacting with health
care professionals.

“The more we communicate using the entertaining devices that people
use to consume information in their every-day lives, the more effective
we will be,” says Ronnie Feldman, President of L&E.

“Boring doesn’t work,” says Lee-Rowley. “Scare tactics are overused
and can be counter-productive. L&E’s approach helps us reach more
employees in a way that’s positive, memorable, and inspires healthy
curiosity. It gives us a better chance of breaking through and fostering
a corporate culture that’s safe, fair and productive for everyone.”

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