Antoxerene Closes $10 Million Deal with Juvenescence to Develop Small Molecule Drugs for Diseases of Aging

a portfolio company of Ichor
Therapeutics, Inc.
, focused on small molecule drug discovery for
pathways of aging, announced today the launch of a joint venture with Juvenescence
. The joint venture, called FoxBio, Inc., will develop
Antoxerene’s collection of small molecules that target senescent cells.
Juvenescence will support the venture with $10 million in equity
financing and drug development expertise.

“There has been a lot of interest surrounding the therapeutic
applications of senolytic drugs – compounds that clear toxic senescent
cells – particularly with respect to age-associated disease”
Kelsey Moody, CEO at Antoxerene. “As molecular pathways unique to
senescent cells have begun to be identified, we can now develop drugs to
target these pathways. We are eager to work with the Juvenescence team,
whose experience in drug development, technical depth, and visionary
leadership will help us to deliver on the immense potential of this

Commenting on this deal, CEO of Juvenescence Dr Bailey said, “this is
one of the main focuses of Juvenescence – modify aging through the
clearance of senescent cells”.
He added, “FoxBio plays to both
companies’ strengths, which is why we are excited about working with the
Antoxerene team. We are fascinated with the Antoxerene platform and its
ability to discover intriguing compounds in the area of senescence. This
is a great fit with Juvenescence’s track record in drug development, so
FoxBio is a very exciting new company in the area of longevity.”

“We feel privileged to have received such staunch support for this
program from its inception by our founding investors, including Kizoo
Technology Capital, and several angels moving forward Kizoo will be a
founding shareholder of FoxBio”,
said Aaron Wolfe, COO at
Antoxerene. “These are exciting next steps towards developing
targeted small molecule senolytics, and we are grateful to partner with

Dr Declan Doogan, CSO of Juvenescence, said, “I believe the
Antoxerene platform is an exciting addition to the burgeoning
Juvenescence portfolio. The synergies between this platform and our
other technologies are clear, as we endeavor to tackle fundamental
processes involved in aging. The Antoxerene and Juvenescence teams have
tremendous opportunities to work together on these huge challenges.”

About Antoxerene:
Antoxerene, Inc., a portfolio company of
Ichor Therapeutics, is a small molecule drug discovery platform. Founded
in 2016, the company has largely focused on small molecule discovery
through the study of protein-protein interactions that drive the
survival of toxic senescent cells, which have been implicated in the
onset and progression of several age-associated diseases. The company
works to identify and develop novel compounds to selectively destroy
these cells and restore tissue function.

About Juvenescence:
Juvenescence Limited is an investment
company focused on therapies to increase human longevity and
complementary investments in related sectors. It was founded in 2017 by
Jim Mellon, Greg Bailey, Declan Doogan, Anthony Chow, and Alexander
Pickett. The Juvenescence team are highly experienced entrepreneurs and
investors with a significant focus on the life science and commercial
drug development sectors. Juvenescence creates new ventures and invests
directly in both startup and established longevity related companies
while offering strategic advice and operational support.

Juvenescence believes that advances in science have made real the
possibility of slowing, halting or potentially reversing some elements
of ageing. Juvenescence believes that the resulting increase in life
expectancy will have profound implications on all sectors and in
particular healthcare, education, insurance and leisure.

About Ichor Therapeutics:
Ichor Therapeutics, Inc. is a
premier, vertically integrated contract research organization that
provides pre-clinical research services for aging pathways. Proceeds
from this work are used to support R&D initiatives that constitute
Ichor’s portfolio companies in small molecule drug discovery
(Antoxerene, Inc.), enzyme therapy (Lysoclear, Inc.), antibody mimetics
(Auctus Biologics, Inc.), and protein engineering (RecombiPure, Inc.).
Ichor and its portfolio companies operate from its corporate offices and
research laboratories in rural LaFayette, NY. The company is eager to
engage collaborators in the life science industry and in academia who
share its vision of delivering next generation therapies for the
illnesses of aging.


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