Avoca Launches Diligent® Qualification and eLuminate™ Online Learning Platforms at the 7th Annual AQC® Global Quality Summit in Dublin, Ireland

Platforms Combine Tools and Leading Practices from the Avoca Quality
Consortium® with Technology for High Value Impact

PRINCETON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Avoca Group announced today that it has launched the Diligent®
Qualification Platform, the clinical research industry’s first
centralized platform for vendor qualification as well as eLuminate™, an
online learning platform focused on clinical research quality,
compliance and oversight, at the 7th Annual AQC Global
Quality Summit 13-14 June 2018, at the Hotel Intercontinental in Dublin,

“By spearheading the creation of industry standards for qualifying
clinical service providers, we have provided a powerful body of work for
the industry,” said Patricia Leuchten, Founder and CEO, The Avoca Group.
“With Diligent, we have now combined these standards and leading
practices with a robust technology platform to enable companies to
manage quality, remain compliant, and shorten cycle times. We’re very
excited about the launch in Dublin.”

More about Diligent®

This event marks the second phase of the Diligent Qualification Platform
where the scope of industry leading standards and RFI questionnaires
expands into five of the most frequently outsourced functional service
categories as identified in The Avoca Group’s 2017
Industry Report
(field monitoring, data management, medical writing,
biostatistics, and Phase I units) to accompany the original core
requirements and seven endpoint-generating service categories (central
laboratories, IRT services, central ECG services, medical imaging
services, biomarker laboratories, bioanalytical laboratories, and
clinical outcome assessments). The web-based platform compliments The
Avoca Group’s vendor qualification consulting services and serves as a
centralized repository of provider-completed RFI questionnaires that are
based upon industry standards developed through the Avoca Quality
Consortium and its 90+ Member companies. Sponsors and CROs use the
platform to rapidly identify and evaluate clinical service providers
using robust qualification information resulting in shorter cycle times
and greater resource efficiency while concurrently raising the bar for
third-party quality. The long-term benefits of the centralized platform
include reducing risk and data-driven, higher-quality decision-making.

More about eLuminate™

eLuminate is a first-of-its-kind online learning tool that looks at the
key components of quality oversight and provides clinical research
professionals with real examples of leading practices for use at their
organization. eLuminate is the only educational training tool built from
the accumulated knowledge of the Avoca Quality Consortium. This initial
launch includes the 10-module Fundamentals of Proactive Quality
Management course, in which clinical research professionals gain a
thorough understanding of the eight key components of quality oversight.
The course connects the holistic view of vendor oversight and provides
insight into how these practices connect to day-to-day operations and
lead to a better state of inspection readiness in terms of oversight.

The second course for eLuminate will be released later in 2018 and will
be focused on situational competencies in terms of inspection
experiences and interviews, as well as thought-provoking scenarios where
learners must think of corrective and preventative actions to address
the findings from the inspector.

Both Diligent and eLuminate will be available to both AQC® Member and
non-Member companies in the industry. For more information, contact Beth
Listhaus at beth.listhaus@theavocagroup.com.

The Summit is supported by Platinum-level sponsor ICON, Gold-level
sponsor Purdue Pharma, and Silver-level sponsors Appian Corporation and
Longboat Clinical. Embrace the Present. Own the Future. Learn
more about the Summit at theavocagroup.com/quality-consortium/7th-annual-summit.

About The Avoca Quality Consortium®

The Avoca Quality Consortium is a Member-based pre-competitive
collaborative comprised of clinical operations, quality, and outsourcing
professionals from pharma, biotech, CROs, and clinical service
providers. The AQC was founded in 2011, and Members include more than 90
pharma, biotech, and clinical service providers.

Through the Knowledge Center, a comprehensive and proprietary repository
of over 400 leading practices, guidelines, tools, templates, and process
documents, as well as AQC research and archived webinars, the AQC
delivers thought leadership to guide Member companies in applying
leading-edge approaches to risk management and complying with GxP. Learn
more about the Consortium here.

About The Avoca Group®

The Avoca Group is an integrated research and consulting firm providing
survey research, consulting services, and training in the areas of
clinical trial outsourcing, strategic alliances and quality management.
Sponsors of clinical research and clinical research organizations have
benefited from quantitative and qualitative perception data gathered by
The Avoca Group from sites about their reciprocal working relationships.
The company’s focus is to help solve complex clinical trial challenges
and to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical trial execution.
Founded in 1999, the company works exclusively in the health care
industry and has a focus on clinical research and clinical outsourcing.
Learn more about The Avoca Group at www.theavocagroup.com
and on LinkedIn
and Twitter.


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