Biomax Announces Early Adopter Program for NeuroXM

PLANEGG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Biomax Informatics AG announces an early adopter program for its new
product, the NeuroXM™ Brain Science Suite. The NeuroXM suite is a novel
technology that standardizes and homogenizes multimodal neuroimaging
data sets and increases interoperability of complex brain data in
clinics, academic institutions and industry for human brain mapping and
patient stratification.

In the early adopter program, potential customers can discuss relevant
applications in their field with Biomax Brain Science specialists. By
sharing their input, users can influence the final configuration of the
first release of NeuroXM suite, which will be launched at the end of the
third quarter of 2018.

Interested users and journalists can meet Biomax at the European
Neurology congress EAN2018 in Lisbon, Portugal 16–19 June 2018 to learn
more about the NeuroXM suite. Biomax neuroscientists will be also
available at a Satellite Event of the 11th FENS Forum of
Neuroscience of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies on 6
July 2018 in Berlin, Germany, organized by Biomax and the University of
Newcastle. Spaces are limited; to register visit the Biomax website:

About the NeuroXM™ Brain Science Suite

The NeuroXM suite has a broad range of applications from basic
neuroscience research and neuropharmacology to neurology and psychiatry.
Users can customize processing pipelines for their data, use interfaces
to the Allen Human Brain Atlas and the Human Connectome Project, etc.,
and integrate all results into a unified feature space. A built-in query
language enables implicit knowledge from multimodal high-dimensional
brain data sets to be revealed. New biomarkers, brain connections and
molecular targets can be made accessible for further application.

Find out more about NeuroXM Brain Science Suite at

About Biomax

Biomax Informatics AG provides computational solutions for better
decision making and knowledge management in the life sciences. They help
customers generate value by integrating information from proprietary and
public resources. Biomax’s worldwide customer community includes
companies, clinics and research organizations that are successful in
healthcare, drug discovery, diagnostics, fine chemicals, food and plant
production, and synthetic biology. For more information, visit

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