Cannamedical® Launches Three More GMP Certifications for Canadian Partners and Secures Additional Resources for Five Years

COLOGNE, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cannamedical® Pharma GmbH (Cannamedical), the leading German independent
cannabis importer, signed three new supply agreements with Canadian
producers of medical cannabis last month and is starting the process of
EU-GMP Certification with three more Canadian partner companies.
Cannamedical has already worked with two of the eight certified
companies in Canada and contributed significantly to the success in
receiving accreditation. The new agreements will enable Cannamedical to
access twice as much medical cannabis, reaching 40,000 kilograms, which
will be imported into Germany within the next five years. With these
additional international partners, Cannamedical is also strengthening
its global network with leading companies in the medical cannabis
industry and is well positioned to meet the growing demands of the

“As the only German cannabis importer in the market with own-brand
products, it is to our strategic advantage to have access to independent
suppliers from all over the world to meet the growing demand in
Germany”, says David Henn, founder and CEO of Cannamedical. “In
addition to two cannabis flower producers, we will also certify a
cannabis extract producer for the first time.”

All Cannamedical’s production partners are required to meet the world’s
highest pharmaceutical quality standards, the so-called EU-GMP (European
Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, as well as Cannamedical’s own
high standards of quality and safety for a successful and sustainable
collaboration. Cannamedical supports its partners in the EU-GMP
certification process, ensuring that all products meet the necessary and
desired criteria.

At the beginning of June 2019, Cannamedical announced the immediate
launch of medical cannabis flowers under its own brand. With this new
product portfolio, Cannamedical can provide complete transparency and is
creating a new therapy standard. The range includes twelve products with
exclusively homogeneous Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD-rich flowers, in
three strength categories: light, medium and forte.

The first two of the total of twelve EU-GMP-compliant and pure
forte, became available at pharmacies in Germany at the beginning of
June 2019, following intensive quality controls.

About Cannamedical Pharma GmbH

At Cannamedical Pharma GmbH we are committed to educating doctors,
medical specialists and pharmacists thus helping them improve their
patients’ quality of life. The high-quality products by Cannamedical
focus on helping people with chronic illnesses by giving them a better
quality of life with medicinal cannabis. We import and process only
high-quality medicinal cannabis products and supply around 2,500
pharmacies and clinical facilities.

As well as providing medicinal cannabis products of the highest
standards, our focus is providing critical information to medical and
customer service professionals. Our production partners worldwide must
comply with the highest pharmaceutical quality standards – the so-called
EU-GMP guidelines (European Good Manufacturing Practice). With its
quality management, Cannamedical guarantees the highest product
standards. In being ourselves GDP-certified (Good Distribution Practice)
our entire supply chain is guaranteed, from the agricultural environment
all the way to the pharmacy. Cannamedical Pharma GmbH was founded in
2016 and employs approximately 50 employees in Cologne. In addition,
Cannamedical operates subsidiaries in Canada and the UK.

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