EpicGenetics Moves into New Facility, Expanding Capacity by 4X

the biomedical company that developed and offers the FM/a Test, the
FDA-compliant diagnostic blood test that identifies the immune system
biomarkers of fibromyalgia, moved into a new facility that quadruples
its capacity. The new facility is 50,000 square feet and located at
11801 West Olympic in Los Angeles. The move enables the company to
expand its lab, support employee growth and facilitate new research

“This gives us the space and bandwidth we need to deal with the spike in
demand for the FM/a test,” said Dr. Bruce Gillis, CEO of EpicGenetics.
“Fibromyalgia is finally being recognized as a legitimate disease, and
our new facility positions us as the best-equipped lab for diagnosis and
study of the disease.”

In August, the company announced an FDA approved clinical
that will be held at Massachusetts General Hospital. The trial
will evaluate the potential for BCG (an inexpensive generic vaccine used
globally to prevent tuberculosis) to reverse fibromyalgia.

For more information about the test or the trial, visit www.fmtest.com.

About EpicGenetics

EpicGenetics, Inc. is a privately held biomedical company based in Los
Angeles, California that developed and manufactures the FM/a® Test.
EpicGenetics is dedicated to improving the diagnosis and treatment of
fibromyalgia by offering the first conclusive diagnostic test for
fibromyalgia, and by investing in and developing further comprehensive
clinical studies at leading medical research centers. More information
is available at www.FMTest.com.


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