ERAS Cardiac Surgery Sessions Set for the American Association for Thoracic Surgery Annual Meeting

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Leading cardiac surgeons, anesthesiologists, critical care specialists
and cardiovascular Intensive Care unit (CVICU) nurses will gather at the
first dedicated heart surgery-focused Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
(ERAS®) session held at a major cardiothoracic surgery
specialty association meeting. The event will be held on Saturday, April
28th, 2018, during the American
Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) 98th Annual Meeting
in San Diego, California

The organizing committee for the session includes Daniel Engelman, MD,
Baystate Medical Center; Judson Williams, MD, WakeMed Heart and
Vascular; Edward Boyle, MD, St. Charles Medical Center; Louis Perrault,
MD, Ph.D., Montreal Heart Institute; Ali Khoynezhad, MD, Long Beach
Memorial Hospital; Rakesh C. Arora, MD, St. Boniface General Hospital;
Eric Roselli, MD, Cleveland Clinic; V. Seenu Reddy, MD, Centennial Heart
& Vascular Center; Marc Gerdisch, MD, St. Francis Heart Center; Jerrold
Levy, MD, Duke University; Kevin Lobdell, MD, Atrium Health; Nick
Fletcher, MD, St Georges University of London; Matthias Kirsch, MD, CHUV
Cardiac Surgery Centre, University Hospital Vaudois; and Gregg
Nelson, MD, Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute.

This working group of key opinion leaders in the field, known as ERAS
Cardiac Surgery
, was formed only one year ago after recognition that
Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
efforts had not been formalized or
generally available for cardiac surgical patients. The mission of the
group is to optimize perioperative care of cardiac surgical patients
through collaborative discovery, analysis, expert consensus, and
dissemination of best recovery practices that will improve long-term
outcomes and decrease complications and readmissions.

“We are building on past successes of the early pioneering efforts of
heart surgery teams that developed ‘Fast Tracks’ to adopt the latest
approaches of the now established ERASpathways from other
fields of surgery and tailor it to our patient population,” said ERAS
Cardiac Surgery President, Dr. Daniel Engelman. “Past efforts in cardiac
surgery focused mainly on getting the patient off the ventilator and out
of the hospital sooner. We are now focused on not just the speed of
recovery, but on quality outcomes and the patient experience throughout
their operative journey until complete recovery months after discharge
from the hospital.”

The group has been collaborating with experts from around the world to
broadly solicit ideas for approaches to enhanced recovery, vet the
published clinical data that support such approaches, and is currently
working to complete a formal consensus manuscript of over 20 best
practices that heart surgery programs can immediately implement to
improve outcomes for patients. Some of the standardized approaches that
are considered include: prehabilitation, to help more fragile patients
prepare for surgery; pathways to better manage glucose, fluids; promote
early extubation; new techniques for rigid fixation of the sternum;
active clearance methods for chest tubes to prevent retained blood
syndrome; use of biomarkers to prevent acute kidney injury; methods to
minimize opioid use; and novel approaches to reduce postoperative
delirium. This formal consensus work, along with other topics related to
enhanced recovery after cardiac surgery, will be presented at this half
day session during the AATS Annual Meeting on April 28th
The final work product will be submitted for peer review publication
where it will be disseminated more broadly for implementation at leading
heart programs around the world.

“Having expert, evidence-based consensus surrounding enhanced recovery
has long been needed in cardiac surgery,” said Dr. Judson Williams.
“This effort will allow us to consider the best practices from around
the world to guide local process improvement for our multi-disciplinary
cardiac surgical team and directly improve our patient’s outcomes.”

ERAS® Cardiac is a non-profit organization
with the mission to develop evidence-based expert consensus statements
promoting best practice recovery practices. The goal is to provide
hospitals better guidance for developing local protocols that are part
of a continuous quality improvement (CQI) process for better patient
care and a reduction of postoperative complications and costs after
cardiothoracic surgery (
Focusing on cardiac surgery, the organization is collaborating with
the broader ERAS
® Society (,
an organization that promotes enhanced recovery in many other surgical
specialties worldwide. For more information about ERAS
Cardiac, contact: Alan Morasch, CAE via


For ERAS Cardiac Surgery
Paul Williams