flash4science United States

This week, flash4science, the unique life science web shop that sells life science products from variety of biotech suppliers in live deals, finally starts flash sale and daily deal offers for researchers in United States.

flash4science United States

Flash4science United States

“We are always open for all biotechnology vendors who want to present their deals to our continuously growing community of US scientists” says Rasa Sehlmeyer, CEO at flash4science, “those scientists in United States who are not registered yet at flash4science, are welcome to subscribe to a newsletter to get the timely information about the best saving offers”.

flash4science, located in Germany, sells products and services for life science and biotechnology in live deals with up to 50% discounts in Germany and UK. Within a single order, scientists can buy here discounted products, order multiple free samples or discount coupons from various suppliers partnering with flash4science. In 2014 flash4science was active in Germany and UK and has offered saving deals from more than 10 suppliers.

flash4science sells the product/service/free sample for a short period of one to two weeks. Customers, namely scientists from governmental or educational organizations, researchers from life science, biotechnology or pharmaceutical sectors subscribe to a newsletter and receive online offers by email or in social networks (LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, google+).

Offers at flash4science are sorted via scientific applications  and presented in 4 deal-types:

  • flash sales – highly discounted products/services from different vendors
  • flash coupons – free discount coupons to be used when ordering from suppliers
  • flash samples – free exclusive samples/demos of products from various vendors
  • outlet – multi-supplier shop with outlet pricing

The product portfolio at flash4science changes weekly depending on the partners of the week and their products.

More about flash4science United States : https://flash4science.com/

flash4science United States – flash4science US

Flash4science United States – Flash4science USA

flash4science United States finally starts flash sale and daily deal offers for researchers in United States.