Hepa Wash Initiates Collaboration with German Accelerator Life Sciences to Prepare U.S. Expansion

Company’s ADVOS Technology Represents First System Worldwide for
Advanced Multi-Organ Support

MUNICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Hepa Wash, a Munich-based manufacturer of the worldwide first method for
advanced multi-organ support, announced today its collaboration with the
German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) program, an initiative founded
by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi),
to facilitate the company’s U.S. expansion.

The mortality rate of intensive care patients with multi-organ failure
is still very high. Although dysfunctions of the main detoxification
organs, liver, lungs, and kidneys, can clearly be delineated, the
failure of one organ can affect several others. This leads to a
life-threatening toxin accumulation in the body and subsequently to
progressive organ failure and death.

Hepa Wash recently introduced the innovative approach of the ADVOS
(Advanced Organ Support) procedure, which offers multi-organ support for
liver, lungs, and kidneys and correction of acid-base balance disorders.
The ADVOS device represents an evolution from conventional dialysis
machines, as it uses protein enriched dialysis water instead of regular
dialysis water and allows targeted manipulation of acidity of the
dialysis fluid. Within the device, the dialysis fluid is permanently
reprocessed and cleared of toxins to maintain a constantly high
detoxification performance. The AVDOS procedure has already proven its
capabilities in several studies and in large university hospitals in

“We are very excited about being accepted into the GALS program. As this
is a very competitive program, it shows that our team has done great
work so far. Also, highly accomplished U.S. experts see the great
potential of our ADVOS multi-organ support to revolutionize treatment in
intensive care settings and improve patient survival,” commented Dr.
Bernhard Kreymann, CEO and founder of Hepa Wash. “The U.S. market is the
largest medical technology market in the world, but it also follows its
own set of rules. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be supported
by experienced U.S. specialists in establishing a strategy for market
approval, reimbursement, and market penetration. Hence, we very much
look forward working with the GALS advisors to analyze our US market
readiness and develop our FDA and reimbursement strategy.”

“We look forward to working with Hepa Wash. The company’s ADVOS
technology has enormous potential to improve the treatment of
organ-failure patients worldwide,” commented strategic project lead and
GALS mentor Michael Bogenstaetter. “I am confident that GALS can add to
Hepa Wash’s success by assisting in the continued development of the
company’s U.S. strategy,” added Christoph Lengauer, CEO of the German
Accelerator Life Sciences.

Hepa Wash’s U.S. expansion will be guided by a team of GALS mentors with
profound commercial and technical expertise in the field of organ
support. Additional support through GALS includes access to the vast
GALS network of medical device industry leaders, investors, and
top-notch service providers.

About Hepa Wash:

Hepa Wash has established the ADVOS system, the first method in the
world for extended and individualized support of the human body’s main
detoxification organs: the liver, the lungs and the kidneys. The company
was founded in Garching near Munich in mid-2005 by renowned nephrology
and multi-organ support expert Dr. Bernhard Kreymann who had been
instrumental in establishing the previous gold standard of organ support
using single-pass albumin dialysis. Building on this expertise, Hepa
Wash is developing reliable treatment methods to close the therapeutic
gap in multi-organ failure.

About the German Accelerator Life Sciences:

The German Accelerator Life Sciences (GALS) is an initiative of the
German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with the
goal of helping German startups and young companies succeed in the
global marketplace. GALS, centrally located and highly connected in the
world’s leading life sciences innovation hub in Cambridge,
Massachusetts, offers support in multiple areas: from operational
assistance to high-end strategic guidance by experienced industry
experts and key opinion leaders. GALS opened its doors in October 2015
and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For more information, visit: www.GermanAccelerator.com/Life-Sciences

Additional Material:

For more on the functionality of the ADVOS procedure, please click: http://hepawash.com/en/funktionsweise/


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