Igenbio Provides Automated Variant Analysis

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Igenbio, Inc. announced today the expansion of variant analysis service
offerings. Igenbio’s comprehensive variant analysis service answers
pressing questions in genome differences reflecting changes to metabolic
pathways and genetic associations relevant to disease- or cancer-causing
variations. Igenbio’s flagship product ERGO 2.0 enables researchers to
deepen the analysis of variations with interactive visualizations
enabling industrial, academic, and medical scientists to rapidly uncover
hidden genetic variations and develop diagnostic biomarkers.

“Research scientists can use ERGO’s Variant workflow by simply
“dragging-and-dropping” the sequence files into ERGO and receiving
scientifically rigorous results in minutes. Discover single nucleotide
polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions, deletions (INDELS), along with their
functional relevance and deleterious effects. ERGO does it all for you:
from sequence quality assessments to annotating variant effects of any
genome. This furthers our goal of making the best bioinformatics
analysis available to all researchers, regardless of their computer
experience.”, says Benjamin Vaisvil, VP, Bioinformatics and Software
Development at Igenbio, Inc.

About Igenbio

Chicago-based Igenbio, Inc. specializes in research in genomics,
bioinformatics, and transcriptomics. Igenbio, Inc. serves a broad
customer base across industry, academic and government institutions.
ERGO 2.0 integrates proprietary functional genomic data, metabolic
reconstructions, expression profiling, with tools and workflows for
common bioinformatics tasks. Our goal is to make the best scientific
analysis available to all researchers.


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