Lindora Launches New Line of Specialty Wellness Shots

Company Continues to Rapidly Expand Weight Loss & Wellness Services

COSTA MESA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Lindora–Lindora, one of the largest medically supervised weight loss and
wellness companies in the country, announced today that it has launched
an entirely new line of proprietary Specialty Wellness Shots.

The move is consistent with one of the company’s primary initiatives,
which is to expand the number of weight loss and wellness services it
makes available to its patients.

The new line of shots includes six, specially formulated injections that
are composed of essential vitamins and amino acids that can help
patients boost metabolism and energy, strengthen the immune system,
improve appearance and assist in weight loss.

Lindora patients can choose from:

  • Skinny Shot
  • Anti-Aging Skin Glow Shot
  • Energy Super Charge Shot
  • Antioxidant Cleanse Shot
  • Stress Relief Shot
  • Immunity Max Shot

The formulation of the shots was overseen by Dr. Amy Lee, Lindora’s
Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Lee, a leading obesity medicine expert who
studied at USC and conducted clinical weight loss trials at UCLA, said
that Lindora patients have always understood and appreciated the
benefits of vitamin and amino acid based injections.

“When we asked patients what more they wanted from their Lindora
experience, one of the top responses we received was the desire for an
expanded variety of shots with additional benefits,” said Dr. Lee.
“Lindora has long had a reputation for offering vitamin-based shots
which patients report to have significant positive impacts on
metabolism, energy, moods and water retention. This new line of
injections offers patients a whole new level of benefits through the
introduction of additional vitamins and amino acids.”

Will Righeimer, Lindora’s CEO, added, “The fact we are a medically based
and supervised program allows us to offer a variety of differentiated
services like specialty wellness shots that simply are not options for
the traditional, non-medical weight loss companies who are only focused
on short term results. These Specialty Wellness Shots give us yet
another edge in the weight loss and wellness market.”

Specialty Wellness Shots will be available for purchase by Lindora
patients and Premier Members will receive a free Specialty Wellness Shot
every month.

Lindora was purchased by Solis Capital Partners and Innovate Partners
just a few years ago. Righeimer and his new leadership team, who were
brought on shortly thereafter, have been rapidly evolving the business
to meet the needs of their patients and an American population whose
obesity problem is reaching epidemic proportions.

Last year, Lindora launched a new membership program that made their
plans more affordable and offered patients far more benefits at a low
monthly cost – weight loss programs start at around $3 a day. The
company made the move to membership based on their deep understanding of
the patient journey. Most companies tend to manage the episodic nature
of weight loss: where patients diet for short periods of time only to
eventually gain the weight back over the long term. Lindora wanted to
break that cycle and set out to teach lifestyle change for long term
results. The introduction of the membership model has placed even more
emphasis on Lindora’s commitment to long term patient success and has
yielded higher patient engagement rates and record breaking increases in
new patient growth.

Since the membership introduction, the company has also introduced more
than 40 new products under their LindoraNutrition™ label, launched an
exclusive line of fully prepared and ready-to-go, ketogenic meals called
LindoraFresh™, and made a significant investment in body contouring
services which are available to patients in most of the 34 southern
California clinics.

“As we look to widen our footprint in southern California and beyond, we
will continue to offer more products, more services and more value so
that our patients can achieve the best possible outcomes,” said

About Lindora

Founded in 1971, Lindora
is one of the largest, medically supervised weight loss, wellness and
consumer products company in the United States. The nationally
recognized brand has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight
and live happier, healthier lives for nearly 50 years. Lindora’s
medically supervised, ketogenic weight management and wellness programs
teach patients how to lose weight rapidly and keep it off by eating
better, exercising more and managing stress more effectively. Lindora’s
unique approach to treating the whole person over the long term includes
education on both the physical and psychological aspects of weight
management and wellness. Lindora operates 34 clinic locations in
Southern California. Lindora’s mission is to transform people’s lives
through weight loss and wellness. The company is owned by Solis Capital
Partners and Innovate Partners, both located in Newport Beach, CA. For
additional information about Lindora, visit

About Solis Capital Partners

Solis Capital Partners is a private equity firm specializing in the
lower middle market. Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Solis
invests in companies with revenues of $15 to $100 million, typically in
the service, consumer products, niche manufacturing, and software
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About Innovate Partners

Innovate Partners is an operationally oriented venture capital company
that makes equity investments in growth companies that are active in
technology, business services and consumer sectors with a strategy
currently focused on the intersection of technology and the health and
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