Mellitus Health Wins Best Abstract Award at 3rd World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–lt;a href=”” target=”_blank”gt;#ADAlt;/agt;–Mellitus Health won the Best Abstract Award at the 3rd
World Congress on Clinical Trials in Diabetes
in Vienna in December,
2018, for a study that featured Insulin Insights™, its clinical
therapeutic. The Congress selected the award based on scientific
quality, novelty/innovation, advancement of the field/impact, and

In selecting the abstract1, renowned diabetes researcher Sir
Philip Home, Professor of Diabetes Medicine at Newcastle University, UK,
commented that he was impressed by the results of the combination of a
remote glucose monitoring system with a respected insulin-dose
adjustment algorithm, nurse practitioner feedback and contact with and
action by the patient.

Home stated, “I was impressed in particular by the team involvement, and
how this resulted in a saving in clinic visits, while still delivering
marked improvement in glucose control without troublesome hypoglycemia.
Indeed, world class, and ‘impressive’ is the right word.”

2.4% reduction in HbA1c in six months

The abstract detailed the 2.4% reduction in HbA1c (a measure of average
blood glucose) in six months achieved among insulin-using patients with
poorly controlled diabetes when nurse practitioners used Mellitus
Health’s insulin dosing clinical therapeutic, Insulin Insights™, to
guide their decision-making.

Telehealth application enabled remote care management

Glucometers connected to mobile phones automatically transmitted
patients’ blood glucose levels to Mellitus Health’s Insulin Insights™
clinical therapeutic, which provided clinicians with periodic
recommendations about how to adjust patients’ insulin regimens.
Clinicians communicated approved insulin dose adjustments to patients by

Nurse practitioner Ligaya Scarlett, MSN, FNP-C, who supervised patients
in the study, commented, “The combination of remote monitoring and the
trusted dosing protocol recommendations available with the software
saved me and my patients a lot of time, and we were able to see great
outcomes in their blood sugar control.”

No change in patient lifestyle

There were no incidents of severe hypoglycemia, and patients were not
required to change their lifestyles.

Venice Family Clinic Study

The study took place at the Rose Avenue location of Los Angeles’ Venice
Family Clinic
, which serves vulnerable people in the community.
Participants had poorly controlled blood glucose levels, with an average
HbA1c level of 10% at the start of the study.

International recognition

Results from the study have garnered significant international interest,
first during a presentation2 at the Advanced Technologies and
Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) conference in Vienna in February, 2018;
then in poster3 and special poster presentations and a
moderated poster discussion during the American Diabetes Association
(ADA) 78th Scientific Sessions in Orlando in June, 2018.

The study also has been accepted for publication in Diabetes Therapy4.

About Mellitus Health, Inc.

Building on 35 years of clinical research by past American
Diabetes Association
president Mayer B. Davidson, MD, Mellitus
Health has automated—and expanded—the highly effective insulin dosing
protocol that Dr. Davidson taught generations of clinicians. Its Insulin
Insights™ clinical therapeutic delivers insulin prescription adjustment
recommendations to clinicians in seconds. Unique in the market, it can
handle all insulins, all eight commonly used insulin regimens and
virtually every insulin dosing scenario.

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1. Duggins T, Davidson MB, Davidson SJ: Effect of remote glucose
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(Best Abstract Award)

2. Davidson SJ, Davidson MB: Computerized insulin dose adjustments for
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