Novaliq GmbH Announces Licensing Agreement with AFT Pharmaceuticals for the Distribution of NovaTears®

NovaTears®, A Novel Treatment for Dry Eye Disease, Is Now Available
in Australia and New Zealand

HEIDELBERG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#MGD–Novaliq, a specialty pharmaceutical company with a disruptive drug
delivery platform that transforms poorly soluble drugs into effective
therapeutics for ophthalmology, today announced a strategic licensing
agreement with AFT Pharmaceuticals (AFT) for the commercialization of
Novaliq’s lead product NovaTears® in Australia and New Zealand.

NovaTears is Novaliq’s first commercially available ophthalmic product
for the treatment of evaporative dry eye diseases (DEDs). In Europe,
NovaTears is distributed by URSAPHARM under the brand name EvoTears®.

Under the terms of the agreement, Novaliq has granted AFT an exclusive
license for the commercialization of NovaTears across Australasia. In
return for these rights, Novaliq will receive an undisclosed upfront
payment and royalties on net sales of NovaTears.

“Novaliq is delighted to collaborate with AFT, a leading and innovative
pharmaceutical company with a strong commitment to eye care,” said
Christian Roesky, PhD, CEO, Novaliq. “NovaTears provides a highly
differentiated and clinically validated treatment option that
significantly improves the signs and symptoms of evaporative DED and
Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), highly underserved diseases. We are
confident that dry eye patients in Australasia will greatly benefit from
the use of NovaTears and our partnership with AFT.”

“AFT is dedicated to bringing innovative products to market that make a
real difference to people’s health,” said Hartley Atkinson, MD, CEO,
AFT. “The addition of NovaTears to our eye care line will be welcomed by
doctors and patients alike. It’s a first-in-class, water-free and
preservative-free treatment based on Novaliq’s proprietary EyeSol®
technology platform. NovaTears supports the lipid layer of the tear film
by its ability to quickly spread and be absorbed into the eye. We
believe that this feature – combined with its small droplet size – will
provide superior benefits to patients with evaporative dry eye disease.”

About NovaTears

NovaTears, the first product developed and commercialized that
incorporates Novaliq’s proprietary EyeSol technology, is an innovative
multi-dose, non-aqueous and preservative-free topical eye drop for the
lubrication of the ocular surface. The NovaTearsdroplet
forms a thin and smooth protecting film supporting the lipid layer in
its function to prevent tear evaporation for the relief of dry eye and
irritated eye symptoms. NovaTears has been classified as a class Ⅱa
medical device and received CE mark approval in Europe in July 2013.
Open, prospective, uncontrolled post-market clinical studies NT-001 and
NT 002 successfully demonstrated safety and significant improvement in
signs and symptoms of dry eye disease and Meibomian gland dysfunction.
All results of the study point towards excellent clinical performance,
safety and very high convenience and acceptance of NovaTears for
patients suffering from hyper-evaporative dry eye.

About AFT Pharmaceuticals – AFT founded in 1997 is an Auckland,
New Zealand-based pharmaceuticals company operating in Australia, New
Zealand and the Pacific Islands. AFT is listed on the Australian [ASX]
and New Zealand [NZX] stock exchanges since December 2015 and has
significant local sales operations in Australasia together with R&D
activities in pain, orphan drugs and medical devices.

About Novaliq – Novaliq GmbH, founded in 2004, is a Heidelberg
based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on ophthalmology. Its
mission is to transform poorly soluble drugs into effective ocular
therapeutics for both the front and the back of the eye. Novaliq’s
proprietary EyeSol technology enhances the topical bio availability,
stability and safety of traditionally insoluble or unstable drugs
improving the delivery, efficacy and convenience of treatments for
ocular surface diseases including dry eye through preservative free and
multi dose formulations. Novaliq’s most advanced product is NovaTears®
with CE-marking based on Novaliq’s proprietary EyeSol technology.
NovaTears is marketed under the brand name EvoTears® in Europe. More


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