OurCrowd Invests $2.5 Million in Scopio Labs, Brings Total to $80 Million Invested in Healthcare Companies

  • OurCrowd now the world’s leading crowdfunding investor in the
    healthtech sector
  • Scopio is OurCrowd’s 23rd healthcare investment

JERUSALEM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OurCrowd, a global leader in equity crowdfunding, today announced that
it will invest $2.5 million (as part of a recently completed $7 million
investment round) in Scopio Labs, a developer of an advanced digital
microscopy and diagnostics platform. This is OurCrowd’s 23rd
healthtech investment for a total of $80 million, making OurCrowd the
world’s leading equity crowdfunding platform for healthcare investments.

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved said, “We are excited by our latest
investment in Scopio Labs, which is bringing about a revolution in
digital microscopy. Scopio Labs joins our portfolio of 23 cutting edge
disruptive healthcare technology companies, all of which impact
positively the lives of millions of people and are transforming patient

Scopio Labs, founded in 2015 by Itai Hayut and Erez Na’aman, develops
next-generation digital microscopes, based on computational imaging
breakthroughs, as well as a suite of dedicated image analysis tools.
Their products enable dramatic clinical and research improvements in
diverse areas such as cancer, hematology and cytology, while powering
further innovation in areas such as academic research and drug
discovery. The company will use the funds to expand the team based in
Tel Aviv, and is hiring computer vision experts, physicists and software

Itai Hayut, co-founder and CEO of Scopio Labs, said, “We look
forward to working with OurCrowd’s healthcare team and their thousands
of investors. We hope to gain from OurCrowd’s growing network of
committed partners around the globe to add significant value to our
business and help us pioneer the next generation of digital microscopy

OurCrowd has now invested in 22 health companies to date and one fund
(see Appendix for full list). OurCrowd partners and co-invests with
world leaders in medtech, digital health, biomed, consumer and
enterprise software. OurCrowd’s portfolio companies are revolutionizing
the health sciences through use of disruptive technology, utilizing
machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics and big data

In November 2016, OurCrowd launched Israel’s first exclusive digital
health fund, OurCrowd Qure, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins
University, dedicated to one of the fastest growing sectors in terms of
funding and M&A activity.

“We are on a mission to teach computers to read and diagnose medical
images. We see a world where each and every one of us, regardless of
location or income, has access to fast, accurate, high quality care, at
a fraction of the current cost,” says Elad Benjamin, co-founder and
CEO of
Medical Vision
, which was recently named one of the top 5
Artificial Intelligence Companies by Fast Company. “Our algorithms are
available to medical staff in hospitals and end users that now can
access insights from their scans without leaving their home.”

“It’s an exciting time, as innovations in healthtech are merging with
developments in other disciplines,” says Dor Skuler, CEO and
Co-Founder of
. “For instance, Intuition Robotics is using a mix of
robotics, cognitive computing, gerontology, and industrial design to
develop the social companion technology that’s behind our active ageing
companion, ElliQ.”

OurCrowd is a co-organizer of MIXiii Biomed 2017, the leading event in
Israel’s life science industry, which brings together thousands of
healthcare industry professionals from around the world to scope out
Israeli and global biomed technologies. Taking place in Tel Aviv from
May 23-25, 2017, the event will feature a number of OurCrowd senior
professionals, as well as OurCrowd portfolio companies.

For press materials: http://blog.ourcrowd.com/healthtech22

Notes to the editors:

Speakers at MIXiii Biomed 2017 include:

  • Allen Kamer, Managing Partner of OurCrowd Qure, Israel’s first digital
    health fund, who will appear on the main stage panel: “Technology and
    The Elderly People”
  • Elad Benjamin, CEO of Zebra Medical Vision, who will speak on “Early
    detection of Osteoporosis”
  • Dor Skuler, CEO of Intuition Robotics, who will speak on how the
    company’s social companion technology can positively impact the lives
    of older adults
  • Dr. Son Preminger, Founder & CEO of Intendu, who will speak on “Active
    Brain and Body in Ageing”
  • Dr. Amit Goffer, CEO, UPnRIDE Robotics who will speak on “Robotics’
    Role in Ageing”

To arrange an interview with any of the above please contact leah@ourcrowd.com
/ +972.54.341.4861.

About OurCrowd: OurCrowd is the leading global equity
crowdfunding platform for accredited investors. Managed by a team of
seasoned investment professionals, and led by serial entrepreneur Jon
Medved, OurCrowd vets and selects opportunities, invests its own
capital, and brings companies to its accredited membership of global
investors. OurCrowd provides post-investment support to its portfolio
companies, assigns industry experts as mentors, and takes board seats.
The OurCrowd community of almost 20,000 investors from over 112
countries has invested over $440M into 120 portfolio companies and
funds. OurCrowd already has thirteen exits to date, two IPO’s and eleven
acquisitions. To join OurCrowd as an accredited investor visit http://www.ourcrowd.com and
click “Join.”

Appendix: The 23 OurCrowd healthtech companies:

1. BrainQ
Non-invasive technology to treat a
range of neurological pathologies. Their device, LearQ, uses proprietary
algorithms to create tailored electromagnetic fields, which target
patients’ impaired neural networks; thus repairing neural connectivity
and enhancing natural rehabilitation.

2. Dario
[NASDAQ:DRIO] – Personalized, pocket-sized,
all-in-one glucose meter coupled with a robust real time mobile app to
manage diabetes quickly, efficiently and accurately.

3. Elminda
– Mapping tool for visualizing neural activity to optimize management of
brain disorders and injuries.

4. Global
– Wearable sensor and advanced analytics system for
tracking movement disorder symptoms ─ such as Parkinson’s Disorder ─ to
optimize treatment.

5. HIL
Applied Medical
– Proton-beam laser-based cancer therapy system
that is radically cheaper and smaller than other proton-beam therapy

6. Intendu
– First adaptive motion-interaction brain rehabilitation platform
enabling at-home therapy.

7. Intuition
– Active ageing robotic companion (named Elli-Q) that
enables millions of older adults to connect seamlessly with family and
friends, have easy and intuitive access to technology and engage in an
active lifestyle.

8. KolGene
– Advanced software platform that connects clinicians with a wide
range of genetic labs worldwide.

9. MedAware
– Big data analytics and machine learning that enables healthcare
providers and pharmacy chains to identify and eliminate prescription

10. Memic
– Internal laparoscopic surgical robotic system that is controlled by
the surgeon via a second set of larger arms outside the body.

Health Analytics
– Provides patients and self-insured
employers with a simple and trustworthy score of medical quality.

12. MST
– Medical surgeries technology and robotic vision system for
laparoscopic surgery.

13. PulmOne
– Portable desktop lung-function testing technology.

14. ReWalk
[NASDAQ:RWLK] – Lightweight exoskeleton that enables those with
spinal cord injuries to walk again.

15. Scopio
– Reinventing the microscope; improving diagnostics.

16. Sight
– Low-cost malaria and CBC diagnostics through
computer vision that is both rapid and accurate.

17. Surgical
– Patient-specific 3D imaging, adapted from flight
simulation technology, for planning and rehearsing complex surgical

18. Sweetch
– Mobile-health app that accurately predicts personal diabetes risk and
drives long-term behavioral change to prevent diabetes.

19. Syqe
– Metered-dose inhaler for medical cannabis that is
precise, safe and easy to use.

20. The
Trendlines Group
[SGX:42T] – Incubator that establishes, invests
in and develops medtech and agtech early-stage companies.

– All-terrain electric wheelchair that enables standing
and stable mobility both indoors and outdoors.

22. Zebra
Medical Vision
– Provides humanity with automated,
accurate and timely medical image diagnoses via a range of proprietary

23. OurCrowd
– Israel’s first exclusive digital health fund.


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