Patient Journey Mapping: Transforming the Patient Experience and Increasing Return on Investment for Pharmaceutical Companies by 50%

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the best strategies
for leveraging patient journey mapping to improve patient experience.

As healthcare
have realized the importance of patient-centered care
for achieving high-quality and cost-effective health care, leaders and pharmaceutical
responsible for driving patient centricity are focussing
on strategies to improve the patient experience. They are
leveraging patient journey mapping to improve support and enhance
communication throughout the experience as it makes a huge difference in
the growth graph of healthcare organizations. Moreover, if the patient’s
needs and demands are not met, the communication breaks down and the
patients feel lost and vulnerable.

Understanding patient behavior is crucial for any organization to make
significant decisions and interact with patients. Organizations need to
know why patients make certain decisions and interact with their
business to provide excellent clinical and administrative experiences.
Lack of communication from administrative departments, can abstain
potential customers from becoming patients, lose contacts with current
patients, and result in 50% lower return on marketing investment for
pharmaceutical companies.

The ability to collect and use patient journey data is crucial for
healthcare marketers to identify workflow issues, highlight systemic
themes, and recurring issues.
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can be made to support and improve the patient experience.

Strategies for leveraging patient journey
mapping to improve patient experience:

Make your organization’s website patient-centric

The website of any healthcare organization should ensure that it serves
the needs of patients. It should possess vital information displayed in
an easy manner and strategic calls-to-action to tap into the mindset of
the patient. Patient-centric websites helps the prospective patients to
be just a click away from what they need. This initiates the patient
journey mapping
and drives critical first impression apart from
beginning a positive or negative patient experience.

Patient referrals outside of primary care providers due to factors
such as technology, geography, or other circumstances often leads to a
breakdown in communication. This affects overall outcomes and has
financial implications for healthcare organizations.
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Ensure your calls to action are an impeccable experience

Patients should easily be able to connect to your organization when they
are calling for an appointment or scheduling services online and
experience the ease of access. Healthcare organizations should ensure
that their services do not involve lengthy hold times and arduous steps.

Negative patient interactions often lead to poor or inconsistent
communications. To know how our experts can help in accurate patient
journey mapping,
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Clearly communicate the next steps to patients

In the intent and experience phase of patient journey mapping, it
is vital for pharmaceutical companies to make their patients
understand the step that may occur after a certain action. Having a
clear communications protocol to guide patients through the scenario
that may come next, makes them feel important and enhances patient

Many times, healthcare organizations leave a patient with a
feeling of “what’s next?” This can enhance feelings of uncertainty in
the patient’s mind and can result in fewer return visits or
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