Promega Maxwell® Modular Automated Nucleic Acid Preparation System Allows Customized Workflows for Labs of All Sizes

modular automated liquid handling and purification system
by Promega Corporation for its Maxwell® nucleic acid preparation offers
labs new found flexibility compared to large all-in-one instruments. The
configurable system, which launched this week, works with existing
Promega Maxwell® RSC instruments with a software upgrade and introduces
two new components:

  • The Maxprep™ Liquid Handler provides automation for sample
    preparation of the Maxwell® RSC cartridges and trays as well as post
    extraction sample preparation for fluorescent quantitation, sample
    normalization and a variety of PCR reaction set ups.
  • The Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument works
    with convenient, individual pre-filled cartridges to process any
    number of samples from 1 to 48 without the risk of wasting reagents.

New Promega Portal Software allows the new and existing Maxwell®
RSC and Maxprep™ instruments to work together to transfer sample
tracking information from one device to the next to build a complete
nucleic acid preparation workflow. Data can also be imported into a
laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Individual instrument modules working together as part of a system
provide a number of benefits compared to complete all-in-one workflow
systems, including:

  • Flexibility and scalability that matches laboratories’ changing
    throughput requirements and budgetary constraints, allowing them to
    start with a modular workflow to address current sample processing
    needs and grow the system as needed.
  • Functional redundancy that ensures laboratory workflow is never
  • Efficiency that makes smart use of lab space with compact
    modules that can be positioned where space permits.

“This is an entirely new approach to lab instrumentation that really
resonated with the early adopters we worked with while designing this
system,” says Herly Karlen, Commercial Director, Integrated Solutions.
“A modular, expandable system clearly met a need for labs that has not
been addressed before. We had more demand for beta test sites than we
had instruments available to accommodate.”

The Maxwell® RSC 48 and Maxprep™ Liquid Handler are supplied
with preprogrammed methods that allow for the system to be utilized by
anyone in the lab regardless of prior instrumentation experience. The
system, components, chemistries, and application build on Maxwell
technology developed by Promega over the last 10 years and are backed by
the company’s commitment to service and support.

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