RBCC Partner n3D’s Latest Article Shows Magnetic Bioprinting’s Versatility and Promise

partner n3D has gotten a key article published on a recognized medical
technology company’s website, giving n3D and its considerable
bioprinting expertise greater marketplace recognition and valuable

Promega, a life sciences company offering genomics, cellular analysis,
drug discovery and genetic identity products and solutions, issued n3D’s
paper, entitled, Luminescent
Viability Assays in Magnetically Bioprinting 3D Cultures
on its PubHub
page, which offers ground-breaking articles on new technologies.

n3D’s publication demonstrates “a magnetic 3D bioprinting method for
rapidly and reproducibly printing three-dimensional spheroids in
high-throughput formats.” The paper proceeds to show how these spheroids
can be successfully used in critical cell viability tests utilizing a
number of specific products.

“The paper shows magnetic bioprinting’s tremendous utility and value in
the life sciences field,” Souza said. “It is particularly useful in
compound screening, as we discussed in the article. We continue to make
rapid and substantial advancements using this cutting-edge technology
that will soon lead to new drugs and treatments to many diseases. n3D’s
bioprinting technologies have a distinct edge as they offer researchers
simplicity of use when working with delicate tissues and cells. Magnetic
bioprinting has strong research and commercial applications and we
predict great market potential ahead.”

RBCC CEO Kimberly Palmer added, “n3D has made great strides in magnetic
bioprinting and this is the only commercially viable 3D bioprinting
process on the market. We believe this revolutionary technology will
truly change medicine and we’re proud to have stood beside them through
this development process.”

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