SCIEX Honors International Women’s Day with Donation to World Cancer Research Fund

2019 contribution highlights awareness of breast cancer prevention
with a new blog post series

a global leader in life science analytical technologies, announced today
that the company again partnered with the World Cancer Research Fund
(WCRF), one of the world’s leading cancer prevention charities. Since
2015, SCIEX has donated over $41,000 to WCRF – and, together, they are
releasing today the first of a three-part, female-centered blog series
exploring breast cancer and offering new insights into the future of
cancer prevention.

The WCRF supports groundbreaking research into the links between cancer
and diet, nutrition, and physical activity. Hundreds of thousands of
cancer cases could be prevented each year through reducing exposure to
risk factors, including those related to food and body weight1.
However, greater public awareness of how to manage these risk factors
will be required to reduce preventable cancers. The new blog series is
one of several initiatives that SCIEX has developed, to help raise such

“We greatly value our partnership with SCIEX,” said Adam Daly,
Corporate Fundraising Partnerships Manager, WCRF
. “The company’s
continued fundraising efforts have made a significant contribution to
our work over the years and will help to achieve our vision of living in
a world where no one develops a preventable cancer.”

The first
part of the blog
takes an in-depth look at breast cancer from a
survivor’s viewpoint. The second part, which will be published on March
15th, examines new WCRF-funded research into how a woman’s
body mass index throughout her life affects her risk of breast cancer.
The blog series concludes on March 22nd with a focus on how
cancer prevention has evolved over the years, and future possibilities
for reducing disease occurrence.

“SCIEX is honored to be able to support healthcare research and
discoveries that will help to deliver life-changing answers for people
around the world,” says Inese Lowenstein, President, SCIEX. “As a
result of our outstanding employee participation in SCIEX annual
engagement activities, we are again able to continue to raise awareness
of preventable cancers affecting women.”

In addition to this partnership, SCIEX Australia and New Zealand are
also highlighting International Women’s Day with a newsletter featuring
ten inspiring women customers, celebrating their successes. See
here for their stories.

1. World Health Organization; Cancer Prevention. Accessed February 2019

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About World Cancer Research Fund

World Cancer Research Fund is one of the world’s leading cancer
prevention charities, and the only UK charity dedicated to funding
life-changing research into the prevention of cancer through diet and
lifestyle. We cut through the jargon to turn the latest global research
on cancer prevention and survival into practical, straightforward advice
and information, helping anyone who wants to reduce their risk of
developing cancer to make fully informed lifestyle choices.

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