SkinCure Oncology Announces Delivery of Its 46th Image Guided Superficial Radiation Device for Skin Cancer Treatment

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SkinCure Oncology, the world-wide leader in providing a turnkey model
for the delivery of Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT) for the
treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers, today announces it has taken
delivery of its 46th image guided superficial radiation therapy system.
As the world-wide leader, SkinCure Oncology has partnered with
quality-focused dermatologists and Mohs surgeons to bring cancer center
level radiation therapy skin cancer treatment to physician offices.
Through its physician partnerships, SkinCure Oncology has facilitated
the treatment of more image guided superficial radiation therapy
patients than any other group in the world.

SkinCure Oncology CEO, Kerwin Brandt, attributes SkinCure’s success to
physicians and patients that are looking for an effective alternative
treatment to surgical procedures. Brandt states, “that patients are
surgically fatigued and are seeking solutions that are non-invasive,
pain-free, convenient, safe and conducive to an active lifestyle.”

Steven Scott, the Company’s COO and a career-long radiation therapist,
highlights that the quality and level of care delivered to patients
through the SkinCure Oncology model is second to none. The SkinCure
model incorporates the utilization of image guided technology, board
certified radiation therapists and physicists, access to radiation
oncologists, along with site management, and qualitative procedures and
review protocols.

“Bringing each of these features together in a dermatology practice
office moves the level of care to a premier cancer center level
quality,” notes Scott, a former radiation therapist for MD Anderson.

SkinCure Oncology’s Chief Medical Officer, both a dermatologist and Mohs
surgeon, as well as president elect of the American Osteopathic College
of Dermatology (AOCD), Dr. Daniel Ladd highlights that given options,
many patients strongly prefer SRT, as compared to other historical forms
of treatment. In Ladd’s experience, he has seen curative treatment on
par or better than other forms of treatment, along with superior
cosmetic results.

As the company continues to facilitate access for patients to this
preferred treatment method, it sees continued growth of its model, given
the skin cancer epidemic being driven by the aging baby boomer


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