Survivor: Health Tech Startup Seeks to Reduce Long Term Impact of Alcohol Consumption

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Survivor is a revolutionary dietary supplement designed to boost your
liver’s response to alcohol, aimed at mitigating the negative impact it
has on your body.

Particularly in the UK, alcohol is deeply embedded within society – at
brunch, we drink mimosas; after work, we grab beers; at dinner, we sip
wine. While tolerance levels may vary, we eventually reach an age where
even a flute of champagne is enough to weaken us in advance of the next
morning. The productivity cost of alcohol’s after-effects has been
estimated at £7.3 billion, annually, in the UK alone.

It is in this context that the Survivor project was born – a goal to
create a product which mitigates the harmful effects of alcohol and
reduces the impact of alcohol-related side effects on an individual’s

In addition to the obvious electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and
targeted herbal extracts, Survivor contains two revolutionary
ingredients focussed on elevating the body’s response to alcohol
consumption: dihydromyricetin (DHM) and an extract of Pueraria lobata
(not to be confused with the more commonly known Pueraria
lobata radix
– the root of the plant used as a treatment for
alcoholics through aversion therapy).

The science behind Survivor originates from a team of medical,
nutritional and pharmacological experts, including Prof. Dr. med et Mag.
phil Gertrude Kubiena, ex Vice President of the Red Cross, who states:

Dihydromyricetin (also known as Ampelopsin) from Ampelopsis
alongside Pueraria lobata flos have
individually been powerful ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Now they are coming to the attention of Western medicine.

Extracted to great purity and combined in Survivor, this fascinating
combination targets the mechanisms which break down the inflammatory
toxin acetaldehyde, the first metabolite of alcohol.

Given that one stream of medical thought holds that chronic inflammation
is behind many of the major degenerative diseases that plague the West,
speculatively, the potential long-term health consequences of Survivor
could be enormous.”

Survivor is produced in a controlled environment by one of the largest
and most reputable nutraceutical suppliers in Europe. Comprising high
quality, healthy and natural ingredients, Survivor may be the beginning
of an entirely new approach to more responsible alcohol consumption –
effectively short-circuiting some of the damage caused by alcohol as
part of a holistic long-term approach to positive health.

The product officially launches on December 7th. Extensive research and
scientific testing has brought the product to market; the brand now sees
clinical trials as a necessary step in confirming their findings. The
launch will be held in conjunction with the announcement of an Indiegogo
crowdfunding campaign that seeks to fund these trials.

Survivor was founded by University of St Andrews graduate and Rocket
Internet alumni Laurence Cardwell and is headquartered in London. Orders
can be placed through the website


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