The RefreshinQ Co. Introduces The Never Quit Collection: a Science-Based Recovery Line

MEDINA, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#neverquit–The RefreshinQ Co. brings to market The Never Quit Collection, an
innovative fitness product line. This new bundle of workout products
from Ritzman Pharmacies Inc. was specially formulated to support the
fitness recovery needs of triathletes, CrossFitters, or anyone needing a
recovery boost. You can expect the Collection to help shorten recovery
time, support energy levels and boost athletic performance.

The Never Quit Collection consists of the following products:

New & Improved Workout & Recovery Pack — These
easy-to-use pre-and post-workout packs offer a simple solution for the
entire cycle of a workout. The blend of vitamins and supplements is
designed to offer the ingredients you need before a workout to help
increase performance without the harmful effects of many pre-workout
products on the market. The post-workout pack is a “one stop shop” for
all recovery needs: inflammation support, muscle repair, and joint
support. Your body will notice the difference.

Muscle Relief Cream — Athletes will experience fast, cool relief
for joint and muscle pain without the stickiness or strong smell of
typical muscle rubs. Bounce back faster with this science-based muscle
recovery cream containing menthol, arnica, aloe, tea tree oil, and a
blend of vitamins.

Power PaQ Drink Mix — This electrolyte replacement drink can
replenish what’s lost after a strenuous workout. It’s an all-natural and
non-GMO drink mix with essential vitamins and minerals to help raise
energy levels, boost your immune system and replenish your electrolytes
to get you back in the game.

Consumers can shop the new Never Quit Collection online at

About The RefreshinQ Co. The RefreshinQ Co. has created a health
and wellness company that wants to inspire people to be fit, healthy and
strong. With a never-quit attitude and a community that shares our
determination for a healthier life, we support bodies with the needed
nutrients—so when people imagine what they can do, they can do it.

We promise to support anyone who wants to optimize his or her health and
wellness, with personalized packs, convenient patches and customized
plans for every body and every need. The RefreshinQ Co. is a division of
Ritzman Pharmacy, headquartered in Medina, Ohio.

About Ritzman Pharmacies, Inc. For over 65 years, Ritzman
Pharmacy has created a legacy dedicated to providing quality products,
professional excellence, and genuine service beyond the commonplace.
This standard was established by our founder, Forrest Ritzman, in 1950
and continues today in each of the communities we serve.


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