ActiveRADAR Adds Record 125th Drug Category, Increasing Prescription Drug Cost Savings

ActiveRADAR Adds Record 125th Drug Category, Increasing Prescription Drug Cost Savings

ActiveRADAR Adds Record 125th Drug Category, Increasing Prescription Drug Cost Savings

ActiveRADAR software and catalog of prescription alternatives are designed to benefit any prescription benefit program, generate savings up to 20%

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ActiveRADAR, the prescription analytics company that saves prescription drug benefit programs 10% to 20% on their spend, announced the addition of the 125th drug category to its proprietary Clinical Catalog of therapeutic alternatives.

“We believe this, far and away, represents the most drug categories covered by any technology-enabled, evidence-based therapeutic alternatives program,” said Dave Teckman, CEO of ActiveRADAR. “With this addition, we address the 50 highest volume drugs used by Medicare Part D.”

Built by a team of clinical pharmacists, ActiveRADAR has analyzed and regularly updates more than 6,500 medications using 22 proprietary data elements on each. ActiveRADAR software eliminates the manual process of identifying potential therapeutic alternatives, adjusting them to the correct dosage and providing appropriate daily consumption rates. After selecting the clinically correct options, ActiveRADAR presents the lowest-cost options to the prescriber to save money for patients, insurers, employers and PBMs on behalf of payers.

“We have truly cracked the code to providing a technology-enabled, prescription drug alternatives tool. What we offer is more comprehensive and far more accurate than any we’ve seen in the market,” said Richard Zabinski, PharmD, FAMCP, vice president of product development and clinical operations at ActiveRADAR. “Others may suggest alternatives for a dozen drugs or a few categories, but our system contains more than 29,000 drugs we describe as ‘perfect pairs’—meaning they’d create identical outcomes compared to the original prescription.”

ActiveRADAR regularly adds new drugs and drug categories and is committed to future growth of its Clinical Catalog as well as weekly updates to ensure recommendations are based on the latest science. Of its 125 currently covered categories, 22 are focused on specialty drugs—both self-administered and clinician-administered. This is important at a time when specialty drugs represent more than 50% of all prescription spending.

“Prescription drug affordability is a serious public health issue. While our work is focused on saving money with lower-cost and accurate prescription alternatives, the deeper value is better human health,” said Teckman. “Roughly a third of prescriptions go unfilled in the U.S., often because of cost. That’s someone who’s making the hard choice to sacrifice their health so they can feed or house their family. Using drugs already on the market today to instantly improve affordability is the moral choice.”

In addition to cost savings, ActiveRADAR can help companies meet other objectives, such as providing price transparency, meeting Medicare requirements, and reducing costly, manual processes.

“With the number of prescription drugs in our system, there are 110,000 potential drug pairings to be considered—it’s simply not possible to do by hand,” said Teckman. “We’ve built a way to automate that work, provide weekly updates and continually expand and refine what we offer with our own independent pharmacy and therapeutics committee.”

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ActiveRADAR is designed from the ground up to enhance any existing prescription benefit program to save up to 20% on total prescription drug spend while maximizing rebates, minimizing member costs, meeting Medicare mandates, and reducing manual processes. ActiveRADAR’s suite of offerings—which analyze 6,500+ medications across 125+ drug categories—are comprehensive, adaptable, and scalable. Learn more about ActiveRADAR at


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