AMRA Medical´s new CEO is accelerating the company’s position in clinical research

AMRA Medical´s new CEO is accelerating the company’s position in clinical research

AMRA Medical´s new CEO is accelerating the company’s position in clinical research

LINKÖPING, Sweden–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AMRAMedicalAMRA Medical, the global leader in body composition analysis, is pleased to announce a set of significant strategic changes aimed at accelerating growth in critical areas while solidifying our position as the gold standard for body composition analysis in clinical areas of research.

A key part of this strategic redirection involves welcoming Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, one of AMRA’s founders and Chief Scientific Officer, as the new CEO. Olof’s deep research knowledge and innovative vision promise to accelerate AMRA into furthering key areas of research and continuing to push advancement in the field of body composition analysis.

The changes at the helm are complemented by a refocused strategic direction from AMRA’s board members. The board has reasserted their dedicated, long-term focus on neuromuscular disease (NMD), musculoskeletal (MSK), and metabolic (MET) research. This emphasis on core areas of expertise signifies AMRA’s commitment to remain at the forefront of critical research.

While AMRA is successfully offering commercial applications such as the BCP Scan, providing body composition profiling within Health & Wellness, the strategy allows for strengthening of the clinical evidence for other applications like the MAsS Scan. MAsS Scan supports clinicians in their diagnosis by providing a muscle assessment score, which includes muscle volume and fat measurements. AMRA is currently conducting clinical studies using MAsS Scan in liver transplant and end-stage liver disease.

Olof Dahlqvist Leinhard, CEO of AMRA Medical commented: “Our standardized MRI body composition and muscle biomarkers help differentiate new therapies under development for metabolic disorders, and provide early proof of treatment effect in neuromuscular diseases. Ultimately, we are committed to bringing our biomarkers into clinical care where we see a great unmet need for diagnostic techniques able to provide early and precise information, guiding treatment decisions in obesity related, liver, and muscular diseases.”

A cornerstone of AMRA’s strategic plan involves the continuation of its strong partnerships with industry and academic centers, clinical services, and industry organizations. Through these collaborations, AMRA is actively fostering innovation and driving significant advancements in medical research and technology.

“AMRA remains firmly rooted in our mission to transform data into health and improve the quality of life for patients worldwide,” said Olof. “Our renewed strategy and leadership position us to execute this mission effectively. We are excited about the future.”

About AMRA Medical

AMRA Medical is a health informatics company at the forefront of medical imaging and precision medicine. The company has developed a new global standard in body composition analysis, delivering multiple fat and muscle biomarkers with unrivaled accuracy and precision – all from a rapid whole-body MRI scan. AMRA offers clinical services and research services to support transformative care and vital decision-making, from clinical research to clinical care.

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