B-Secur and Galen Data Forge Partnership for Next-Generation Cardiac Health Monitoring

B-Secur and Galen Data Forge Partnership for Next-Generation Cardiac Health Monitoring

B-Secur and Galen Data Forge Partnership for Next-Generation Cardiac Health Monitoring

Collaboration Pioneers Seamless Integration of Advanced Biosensing Algorithms and Cloud Connectivity for Cardiac Device Manufacturers

HOUSTON & BELFAST, Northern Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–B-Secur, an innovator in advanced biosensing technology, and Galen Data, a leading software platform for medical device-to-cloud connectivity and data analysis, are pleased to announce a partnership aimed at providing enhanced cardiac health monitoring capabilities to cardiac device manufacturers. These capabilities include accurate, real-time monitoring, seamless cloud integration, robust data management, and Electronic Health Records integration.

The collaboration combines Galen Data’s industry-leading, secure, compliant medical device cloud platform with B-Secur’s HeartKey® Technology, a suite of FDA-cleared ECG algorithms and analytics, enabling medical device companies to significantly reduce their software development timeline, costs, and operational risk.

“Galen Data and B-Secur share a vision of enhancing cardiac care through innovative technology,” explained Alex Condon, COO of Galen Data. “By combining our strengths, we are well-positioned to deliver a unique solution that not only meets the demands of cardiac device companies looking to leverage their data quickly and affordably but also showcases an end-to-end solution that truly highlights the potential of cloud-based medical device data platforms. This partnership is a perfect fit, enabling us to provide cardiac device manufacturers with unparalleled insights and capabilities right out of the box.”

B-Secur CCO, Brian Pitstick said; “With the global cardiac monitoring market expected to reach USD 16 billion by 2030*, our partnership with Galen Data represents a timely and exciting leap forward in cardiac care technology solutions, merging clinical grade ECG algorithms with secure cloud connectivity to empower manufacturers and revolutionize patient monitoring. With this unique offering, Galen Data and B-Secur are poised to drive innovation and enhance the capabilities of cardiac health monitoring, providing a comprehensive and reliable platform for the future of cardiac care.”

*P&S Intelligence: Cardiac Monitoring Market Growth Forecast Report, 2022-2030

About B-Secur

B-Secur is an advanced biosensing technology company on a mission to enable accurate ECG signal monitoring for early observation of cardiovascular disease for both on-device and cloud applications, driving preventative and proactive healthcare management. B-Secur’s best-in-class signal processing provides more usable, medical-grade ECG data for faster, more confident diagnosis, treatment, and management. B-Secur is ISO 13485:2016 certified.

About Galen Data

Galen Data provides a secure, compliant software platform for medical device-to-cloud connectivity and data analysis compliant to FDA, HIPAA, CE Mark, GDPR Standards. Galen Data helps companies centralize their medical device data, create manufacturer/physician/patient portals to expose that data, provides widgets to visualize that data, create notifications around that data, and run AI/ML algorithms, all within global compliance without companies having to build and maintain their cloud software infrastructure. Galen Data actively monitors cybersecurity threats and provides disaster recovery protection so that medical device companies can focus on their innovations, and not on becoming software and IT experts. Galen Data is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company and is HITRUST r2 Certified on AWS.


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