Barry Simms Named as Elligo Health Research’s Chief Operating Officer

Barry Simms Named as Elligo Health Research’s Chief Operating Officer

Barry Simms Named as Elligo Health Research’s Chief Operating Officer

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Elligo Health Research®, the largest healthcare-enabling research organization, today announced the addition of Barry Simms as Elligo’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). Simms’ expertise in global strategy and partnerships will help further the company’s growth and mission of providing everyone with easy access to participation in research and to accelerate clinical trials along the way.

Simms has over 22 years of experience in pharmaceutical services and clinical research, with significant experience in both executive and operations leadership and business development. Before Elligo, Simms served as the COO at LabConnect where he led global operations and new business acquisition opportunities and partnerships. Simms also held several positions of increasing responsibility during his 16-year tenure at Chiltern International.

“Barry is a proven business leader, with expertise across global business strategy and the clinical research industry,” said Elligo CEO John Potthoff. “He brings this experience to a dedicated and passionate Elligo executive team — all committed to serving and uncovering what our clients need most.”

Simms said, “I look forward to serving as the COO of Elligo, not only to join a great team but also to help solve one of the greatest challenges — to bring more physicians and patients into clinical research. I believe Elligo is uniquely positioned to support this ever-growing need in our industry.”

About Elligo Health Research®

Elligo Health Research accelerates clinical trials through direct access to known, diverse patients from more than 115 hospitals and major health systems, 200 healthcare-based sites, and 100 research-based sites, leveraging EHR data and utilizing our proprietary IntElligo® technology. Our PatientSelect® model engages our network of networks to optimize the intersection of healthcare and research and bring more patients clinical research as a care option. Elligo’s SiteSelect model and Research Partner Services enable sites to seamlessly participate in trials, further advancing the development of new pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device and diagnostic products.


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