BCAL Files Foundational Patent Application

BCAL Files Foundational Patent Application

BCAL Files Foundational Patent Application

  • New lipid biomarkers central to development of breast cancer diagnostic blood test are covered
  • Patent application will underpin future global filings securing key features of BCAL’s test

SYDNEY, Australia, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Breast cancer screening and diagnostic company BCAL Diagnostics Limited (ASX:BDX, ‘BCAL’ or the ‘Company’) is pleased to announce the filing of a provisional patent application number 2022901245 at IP Australia covering key lipid biomarkers that form part of its revolutionary blood-based breast cancer diagnostic.

The patent application covers the detection of a number of key biomarkers in the diagnosis of breast cancer and provides the option to build a patent portfolio covering several aspects of BCAL’s test. This initial filing in Australia will form the basis of multiple patent applications to be entered into within selected international markets as BCAL enhances its patent portfolio.

The patent application is based on rigorous statistical analysis of multiple patient cohorts having various subtypes and stages of breast cancer. Each patient’s blood lipid profile has been interrogated and the BCAL team’s analysis of the aggregate results has revealed a striking selection of specific lipids having important diagnostic power.

BCAL’s platform technology is being adapted to the detection of these new lipid biomarkers covered in this patent application.

With 20,000 annual new cases of breast cancer in Australia and 2,000,000 globally, earlier detection using the BCAL test has the potential to improve outcomes for women substantially.

BCAL CEO Dr John Hurrell said:

“We are pleased to take this important step in protecting the company’s core technology. This new filing builds on an existing portfolio of in-licensed IP and protects the work performed by BCAL’s team in developing an enhanced understanding of lipid signatures that are typical of patients with breast cancer. With our greater understanding of the lipid profiles involved, we believe we are well placed to develop an urgently needed, first in class simple diagnostic blood test for breast cancer.”

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About BCAL Diagnostics

BCAL Diagnostics Limited is an Australian screening and diagnostic company committed to the early, accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, and therefore early intervention and improved outcomes for women. Over the past decade BCAL has developed a non-invasive blood test for the detection of breast cancer, with results to date demonstrating 91% specificity and 87% accuracy. The test is initially designed to complement current imaging technologies, such as the mammogram, with the aim of becoming a monitoring and screening tool suitable for women of all ages and backgrounds in any location. With more than two million new cases of breast cancer diagnosed globally each year, a substantial opportunity exists for BCAL to improve patient outcomes. BCAL has partnered with global integrated cancer care and cardiac provider GenesisCare to conduct clinical research required for regulatory approvals across several jurisdictions, commercialisation and market entry points.

Founded in 2010, BCAL is headquartered in Sydney and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:BDX). For more information: https://www.bcaldiagnostics.com/