BioKansas Opens New Community Laboratory

BioKansas Opens New Community Laboratory

BioKansas Opens New Community Laboratory

SHAWNEE, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Strengthening its commitment to building a robust scientific ecosystem and investing in supporting early career scientists, BioKansas has developed a community laboratory to serve students and adult learners interested in obtaining entry-level positions in the bioscience industry. This effort, developed in partnership with industry companies, provides hands-on, industry-relevant, technical training to increase the attraction and retention of scientific talent.

“In our community lab, we’re hosting bootcamp style training programs to address the needs and challenges of multiple industry companies that we’re working with to ensure that specific and relevant skills are taught. Our goal in doing this is to create more accessible entry points into the bioscience industry,” said Daniel Folk, Assistant Director at BioKansas.

This effort seeks to grow and support the broader scientific community, with a large focus on increasing the flow and quality of technically trained talent for entry-level positions Through this work, the organization aims to enhance opportunities for individuals without degrees that have the desire and aptitude to make meaningful contributions to the regional bioscience industry.

We’re fortunate to have received such substantial investment and support from our industry partners, foundation funders, and BioKansas members which has allowed us to bring this ambitious vision to reality. This community lab is a large step forward in making careers in science and the pathways towards them more equitable. Having this resource in the region demonstrates our commitment to growing equitable prosperity,” said Dr. Sonia M. Hall, President & CEO of BioKansas.

The initial opening of the community lab is only the first of three phases designed to positively impact the region’s bioscience workforce. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held at 9 am on Tuesday, October 11th at 11005 W 60th Street, Suite 310, Shawnee, Kansas 66203. Follow BioKansas for news and updates on the community lab and their other novel efforts.

About BioKansas: BioKansas is a non-profit organization whose mission is to lead the effort of supporting and growing Kansas’ bioscience ecosystem including bioscience research, commercialization, training, and business development. Through organizational and collaborative efforts they provide meaningful content, connections, and advocacy to advance the state’s bioscience industry. Learn more at


Daniel Folk, Assistant Director of Career Services

Phone: 913-428-9699