Biotechnology Institute Launches BioDiversity Winter Institute

Biotechnology Institute Launches BioDiversity Winter Institute

Biotechnology Institute Launches BioDiversity Winter Institute

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This week, the Biotechnology Institute announced the launch of a new online afterschool STEM education program “BioDiversity” for 3rd – 8th graders. The fundamental objective of BioDiversity is to engage, excite and educate students of ethnic and cultural backgrounds that are under-represented in the scientific community about their potential to successfully pursue career paths in science. While students will focus on core STEM principles, significant emphasis will be placed on the biological sciences and the potential for biotechnology to help solve some of our most challenging global problems in healthcare, food sustainability and the environment.

The inaugural Winter 12-week program will enroll more than 100 students from East Orange and Camden City, NJ, and the Philadelphia area due to support from Johnson & Johnson. “We are enthusiastic about the launch of the BioDiversity Winter Institute in our surrounding communities,” said Seema Kumar, Global Head, Office of Innovation, Global Public Health and Scientific Engagement at Johnson & Johnson. “Engaging young people from every background in science at the earliest ages is critical to the future of innovation and discovery. Good health and a sustainable future depend on it.”

The Institute has engaged teachers with both educational and industry experience to develop grade appropriate curricula in STEM that includes hands-on experimentation and encourages community engagement through health education and skills development. Classes are delivered five days each week with a mix of programmed and live teacher sessions. Parents, an integral part of the students’ support network during classes, are provided background materials for assistance. Students requiring online access to the program are provided with the necessary technology resources.

“We don’t know why exactly and when any particular student gets excited about science,” said Dr. Larry Mahan, President, Biotechnology Institute. “What we do know is that exposure and experiences need to start at the earliest ages.” With future support from other biotechnology industry leaders, the Institute intends to expand BioDiversity nationwide to include both winter and summer programming in some of the most deserving communities.


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