Brands Reimagined: Unveiling the 2024 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Winners

Brands Reimagined: Unveiling the 2024 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Winners

Brands Reimagined: Unveiling the 2024 REBRAND 100® Global Awards Winners

PROVIDENCE, R.I.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#2024REBRAND100–REBRAND™ reveals the 2024 REBRAND 100® Global Awards winners. This year’s selection celebrates innovative companies and brands across the globe, illustrating the impactful journey of brand transformation. The list includes:

  • Auren: Energizes Brazil with a transparent, renewable future
  • Cadence Bank: Bridges legacy and innovation for growth
  • Cărturești: Transforms tradition and builds digital appeal
  • Deutsche Bahn: Harmonizes travel with human-centric sound
  • Hamilton Airport: Unites past and future in the cultural gateway
  • Island of Hvar: Showcases Croatia’s sunniest destination heritage
  • Majesco: Recasts insurance software, enriching customer trust
  • Sanofi: Leads innovation with unified mission for global health
  • Suchard: Redefines chocolate indulgence with a colorful twist
  • Team D: Conveys German Olympic spirit with dynamic motion
  • Team Global Express: Sets new sustainability standards in logistics
  • TRUEDAN: Elevates bubble tea from Taiwan to global expansion
  • Yanlord CANGJIE: Ignites Suzhou’s landmark of cultural commerce
  • Zohoor: Crafts the future of fragrance with elegance and innovation

Eligibility for this year’s awards was for projects launched between January 2021 and October 2023, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of their outcomes and the impact of the transformations beyond their initial launch.

A panel of 10 prominent, global jurors, featuring experts like Sven Theobald, Vice President and Global Head, Corporate Brand Management at Bayer AG, and Elaine Fok, Creative Director APAC, Associate Partner at Prophet Hong Kong, meticulously selected the winners. Their insights reflect a commitment to recognizing strategic depth and creative innovation in branding.

Sven Theobald commented, “Leveraging the power of brand as catalyst, this year’s REBRAND 100 winners inspire us to put brand change at the heart of value-driven business transformation.”

Elaine Fok added, “I’m heartened by this year’s winners showcasing boundless creativity and diverse strengths, unleashing limitless innovation in our industry.”

Anaezi Modu, REBRAND CEO, encapsulates the essence of the awards: “These winners exemplify the transformative power of strategic branding to propel businesses into new realms of success and recognition.”

About REBRAND™ and the REBRAND 100® Global Awards:

Celebrating 20 years, REBRAND™ remains the premier platform for brand transformation insights, with the REBRAND 100® Global Awards highlighting the world’s most effective rebrands. This anniversary also introduces an AI-driven knowledge base, further enriching the domain of brand transformation. Explore the full spectrum of award-winning brands at


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