CardieX and Mobvoi preparing for commercial launch of new smartwatch with advanced heart health features in US and Australia

CardieX and Mobvoi preparing for commercial launch of new smartwatch with advanced heart health features in US and Australia

CardieX and Mobvoi preparing for commercial launch of new smartwatch with advanced heart health features in US and Australia

The two global companies announce imminent release of first-in-kind smartwatch

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. and SYDNEY, Australia, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CardieX (CardieX, the Company) and Mobvoi are excited to announce significant progress towards commercialization and launch of a new smartwatch with first-in-class, advanced heart health features developed by ATCOR, a subsidiary of the Company. Pursuant to announcing their new commercial partnership in September 2020, the two companies have been working closely to develop a new consumer smartwatch under the Mobvoi brand with the Company’s proprietary Arty® Heart Health analytics platform, which is an advanced heart and arterial health management ecosystem that leverages the Company’s FDA-cleared gold standard SphygmoCor® technology for measuring central arterial pressure waveforms.

Arty and the ATCOR logo are registered trademarks of ATCOR Medical, Pty Ltd.

The new smartwatch will be the first in the world to feature Arty® Score, Exercise Capacity® (eCAP®), ArtyAge®, Heart Stress Score (HSS), and TruHR® – unique features enabled by the Arty® Heart Health analytics platform. Mobvoi has been leading the development of hardware and firmware, while ATCOR has been focused on integration of proprietary Arty® Heart Health algorithms.

“It is incredibly exciting to see the significant progress that we have made with the Mobvoi team to bring a unique and differentiated feature set focused on heart health into Mobvoi’s portfolio,” said Craig Cooper, CEO and Managing Director of CardieX. “I am very happy that we decided to further development efforts during the pandemic instead of launching early, and we are even more confident now that the improvements we have made will make this one of Mobvoi’s most exciting consumer smartwatch launches.”

“We are tremendously excited about the progress that our teams have made during this initial partnership with CardieX and ATCOR,” said Zhifei Li, CEO of Mobvoi. “The imminent launch of our new smartwatch will provide a glimpse of the Arty® Heart Health capabilities and importantly represent Mobvoi’s commitment to health-focused features in its consumer electronics portfolio.”

Last year, ATCOR successfully demonstrated the ability to extract clinically relevant cardiovascular and consumer health data features from a finger-activated PPG sensor that can be integrated into wearable devices. Now, this capability is patent-pending along with more than a dozen trademarks for unique features that can now be realized going forward. The upcoming launch of the new Mobvoi smartwatch with Arty® Heart Health represents the first commercial implementation of this innovative functionality from ATCOR.

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About CardieX:

CardieX is a global health technology company. Its ACTOR subsidiary is a world leader in medical devices and digital solutions for hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and other vascular health disorders. Its CONNEQT subsidiary develops and markets consumer home health devices and wearables. CardieX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:CDX).

About Mobvoi:

Mobvoi is an innovative AI tech company with in-house core technologies in the areas including speech recognition, natural language understanding, vertical search, etc. Their core consumer products include the TicWatch line of smartwatches and TicPods and Mobvoi Earbuds line of hearables. The Beijing-based Chinese startup has announced six rounds of financing, including Sequoia, Zhenfund, SIG, Google and Volkswagen Group.

Mobvoi formed strategic partnerships with Wear OS by Google in 2015 and with automobile giant Volkswagen in 2017. Mobvoi is dedicated to redefining the next generation of human-machine interaction by bringing hardware/software integrated products into people’s daily life with a strong AI-centered approach.