Clínica Camila Samara offers personalized treatments for the body and well-being in Brazil

Clínica Camila Samara offers personalized treatments for the body and well-being in Brazil

Clínica Camila Samara offers personalized treatments for the body and well-being in Brazil

Get to know a little about this entrepreneur who made her way in the field of aesthetics

BELO HORIZONTE, Minas Gerais, Brazil, Dec. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since she was little, Camila has been inspired by her mother, who was always very vain, to maintain her skin care. Today, at 33 years old, she works as a beautician and cosmetologist in her own clinic, in the Santo Antônio neighborhood, in the capital of Minas Gerais. Camila Samara started the aesthetics course at a technical school, and soon after graduated in Aesthetics and Cosmetology from Centro Universitário Newton Paiva, specializing in lymphatic drainage, the flagship of her clinic.

“Since childhood I was very vain, I liked this world of makeup and beauty. My mother was also always vain and encouraged me to use creams, sunscreen and different products. I chose the right profession, taking good care is the essence of my work,” she commented.

With more than 11 years of experience, Camila Samara is nationally recognized for her work in the field of aesthetics and well-being, having the opportunity to participate several times in workshops and specialization courses. She began her career as a professional beautician in a private clinic, but in 2017 she saw an opportunity to undertake and incorporated her name into her own brand. Her goal is to offer her clients the best aesthetic treatments, making them feel good about themselves and consequently raising their self-esteem.

One hundred percent of the clinic’s target audience is female. These are women who seek the lymphatic drainage technique to alleviate the discomfort of the menstrual period, combat leg pain, abdominal swelling and even reduce stress levels. But lymphatic drainage can be used in cases that go beyond aesthetics, such as in the post-operative period of various surgeries, with the aim of preventing the formation of fibrosis and accelerating the recovery process.

“Many people look at drainage just as an aesthetic procedure, but there are other benefits that are little talked about. Drainage improves the quality of sleep, the appearance of cellulite, detoxifies the body and, as a result, our body feels the results,” pondered the beautician and cosmetologist.

In addition to lymphatic drainage, Camila Samara offers skin cleansing, relaxing massage, peeling, modeling massage, facial rejuvenation plans, armpit and groin whitening, anti-acne treatment, size reduction plan, cellulite treatment, facial and facial hydration. feet.

Environment and technology The clinic offers a pleasant and cozy environment, in addition to being fully equipped with the most modern equipment on the market. Camila Samara offers services with cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with unique and personalized experiences.

“I serve one person at a time. The clinic has high-tech devices, such as radiofrequency, vacuum therapy, LEDs, thermal blankets and others that make treatments successful. Everything is thought of for the client’s complete well-being,” she stressed.

Personalized service Camila Samara works from Monday to Saturday and on one day of the week she offers personalized service at home. Always on Wednesdays, she serves her clients in the comfort of their homes, safely and comfortably. A highly sought after service, for example, by pregnant women who are treated with specific products and care.

“At the beginning of my career I only provided home service and some clients didn’t want to lose this service that is provided in such a personalized way. This way, I set aside one day a week to serve them “in the comfort of their homes, with more convenience,” said Camila Samara.

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