Continuity of Care In An Ozempic World: PreventScripts and Leading Southern Physician Group Advise on GLP-1 Drug Use And Continuity of Care

Continuity of Care In An Ozempic World: PreventScripts and Leading Southern Physician Group Advise on GLP-1 Drug Use And Continuity of Care

Continuity of Care In An Ozempic World: PreventScripts and Leading Southern Physician Group Advise on GLP-1 Drug Use And Continuity of Care

2023 showed positive patient outcomes by primary care physicians in treatment of metabolic diseases

PADUCAH, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#carePreventScripts, an innovator in preventive digital health tools, and CovenantCare Practices, a healthcare provider to 18,000 patients in locations throughout central Tennessee, are pushing for continuity of care standards for patients turning to online platforms for GLP-1 weight loss drugs like Ozempic and other forms of semaglutides. CovenantCare Practices notes concerns for its patients who boomerang with health issues such as weight gain as people go on and off these drugs.

“Patients need oversight from their primary care provider and to be monitored closely as they start using these medications, but more importantly they need a solid foundation rooted in building healthy habits,” noted Jewell Kaylor, FNP-C, COO and PA for CovenantCare Practices. “There are many possible barriers for patients, from supply shortages to the overwhelming cost for these meds, and our partnership with PreventScripts ensures our patients have a strong foundation to start their treatment.”

PreventScripts’ clinical healthy lifestyle products have demonstrated patient success when they monitor and report their weight loss progress to their healthcare team. In 2023:

  • One-third (32%) of patients lost over five percent of their body weight and nearly half (47%) of patients lost between one and four percent of their body weight.
  • Provider-led interventions resulted in a 12% reduction in systolic blood pressure among patients and a 13% reduction in diastolic blood pressure.
  • 60% of patients engaged with weekly goal planning through PreventScripts.

“Our research data proves that PreventScripts’ physician-led program is successful without the GLP-1 medications,” said Dr. Natalie Davis, co-founder and chief medical officer of PreventScripts. “We understand these medications can have a positive impact on patients’ lives, especially when paired with healthy lifestyle education and guidance. Many patients are asking for these medications, so we must face this head-on with effective tools that allow medical care teams to adequately support patients.”

J.P. Morgan estimates the total GLP-1 users in the U.S. may number 30 million by 2030 and PreventScripts’ home state of Kentucky has the highest prescription rate in the country at 20 per 1,000 patients, according to PurpleLab. Studies from the Mayo Clinic support the idea that continuity of care is crucial with primary care to achieve optimal patient outcomes. The GLP-1 class drugs are proven effective at weight loss but require proper dosing per patient and critical oversight and are much more effective long-term with the combination of healthy lifestyle improvements.

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PreventScripts is at the vanguard of healthcare innovation, offering physicians cutting-edge tools to empower patients in their health journeys. It is redefining patient self-care and physician support through insurance-covered platforms and alignment with top-tier health recommendations. PreventScripts offers a groundbreaking platform, providing tools for physicians to extend to patients covered by insurance, enabling them to self-monitor their health through a dedicated health behavior change app.

This app is not only enriched with content and recommendations from ADA, AHA, and the Diabetes Prevention Program but delivers information in a way that helps patients put the guidance into practice immediately. Moreover, it integrates biometric education, adhering to both AAP adolescent and AFP adolescent/adult guidelines, ensuring optimal monitoring of Blood Pressure, Weight, Blood Sugar, and BMI. Beyond offering this revolutionary app, PreventScripts tailors its service line to sync seamlessly with a provider’s specific clinic workflow. PreventScripts has assessed over 10,000 patients and triaged close to 6,000 since its inception. For more information, visit


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