DNA Nanobots Closes Pre-seed Investment Round to Grow BioPharma Partner Program

DNA Nanobots Closes Pre-seed Investment Round to Grow BioPharma Partner Program

DNA Nanobots Closes Pre-seed Investment Round to Grow BioPharma Partner Program

Platform company uses antibody-targeted DNA nanoparticles to deliver a wide range of therapeutic payloads to desired tissue.

COLUMBUS, Ohio–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#RNA–DNA Nanobots, a leader in the design and delivery of DNA nanoparticles engineered for targeted therapeutics, announced today that it has closed its pre-seed funding round. The investment enables DNA Nanobots to launch its BioPharma Partner Program to streamline its end-to-end custom biopharma solutions from design to development for preclinical and animal studies for improved delivery of a wide range of therapeutics. These include small molecules, peptides, antibodies, nucleic acids, and immunotherapies. The amount and names of the experienced biotech angel investors were not disclosed. The company invites BioPharma companies interested in enhancing their drug development pipeline to partner and launched a new portal to start discussions at https://dnananobots.com/BPP.

“Most therapeutics fail in clinical trials,” said CEO and co-founder Jeff Spitzner, Ph.D., “often because of insufficient payload into targets such as cancer cells, or off-target side effects resulting from delivery to the wrong tissues. DNA Nanobots provides design and development solutions customized around our Nanobots to target greater amounts of therapeutic molecules to only the intended cells – which enables our partners to develop better treatments.

Common therapeutic delivery strategies today employ technologies such as lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) or viral vectors. According to DNA Nanobots’ CSO and co-founder Christopher Lucas, Ph.D., “Each of these has significant limitations. LNPs can deliver a large payload but are difficult to orient the tissue-targeting antibody(s) and are non-uniform in composition. ADCs are limited by payload. Viral vectors have limited targeting capabilities, have uniformity and immunogenicity issues, and are very expensive. We developed our DNA Nanobots as highly programmable, tightly folded DNA to which we can attach precise numbers and locations of antibodies and concentrated therapeutic payloads of diverse molecules while maintaining particle uniformity.”

DNA Nanobots is developing its own therapeutic pipeline while partnering with BioPharmaceutical companies on therapeutic candidate delivery, optimizing performance and tissue targeting. The company has several current partner projects making substantial steps towards clinical application, reporting excellent in vivo mouse study results and pharmacological profiles. To facilitate these partnerships, DNA Nanobots licensed a portfolio of DNA nanostructure (DNA origami) technologies from The Ohio State University and maintains an active collaboration with OSU Professor and DNA Nanobots co-founder, Carlos Castro, Ph.D. Pre-seed investment enabled hiring senior scientists from OSU and full laboratory setup. “Now we invite potential investors to connect to discuss our anticipated next funding round at jspitzner@dnananobots.com,” said Spitzner.

About DNA Nanobots

DNA Nanobots is a platform biotechnology company pioneering the use of functionalized DNA nanoparticles to address challenges associated with targeted delivery of therapeutic payloads. We specialize in engineering custom cell-targeted solutions for our partners to deliver drugs, nucleic acids, antibodies, and immunotherapies. We are also developing our own pipeline of therapeutics for cancer and rare diseases. For more information on how DNA Nanobots is revolutionizing therapeutics development and delivery, visit https://dnananobots.com.


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