Duo Health Launches New Model for Arizona Kidney Patients with Gold Kidney Health Plan

Duo Health Launches New Model for Arizona Kidney Patients with Gold Kidney Health Plan

Duo Health Launches New Model for Arizona Kidney Patients with Gold Kidney Health Plan

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Duo Health (Duo), a new type of medical group for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage kidney disease (ESKD) announces partnership with Gold Kidney Health Plan (Gold Kidney) to deliver an enhanced model of care for patients in Arizona.

Gold Kidney of Arizona, Inc., a subsidiary of Gold Kidney Health Plan has launched several Medicare Advantage Chronic-Care Special Needs Plans available to Arizona residents with chronic conditions including diabetes, congestive heart failure, cardiovascular disease, and end stage kidney disease and are Medicare eligible. These plans create improved access to and relationships with the specialists’ patients need.

“Partners like Gold Kidney share our commitment to expanding access to best-in-class care to patients with chronic kidney disease and end stage kidney disease,” said Duo Health’s CEO and co-founder, Nathan Goldstein. “With Gold, our community-based medical groups will partner with patients’ nephrologist and other physicians to simplify and improve the patient experience, slow disease progression, and help patients achieve better outcomes on their own terms. We’re able to do this through a technology-enabled patient engagement model that recognizes that each patient is, or can be, reached through the activities and relationships that define them.”

Duo Health delivers its patient-directed medical home in an exclusively full-risk arrangement with payers and in collaborative relationships with local nephrologists that help them transition to value-based care. Duo enlivens its care model with advanced analytics and engagement technology that extends the nephrologist’s reach into each patient’s home and community.

“We are pleased our Medicare Advantage Special Needs plan will bring much-needed expansion of care to patients in Arizona living with chronic conditions that lead to and include kidney failure,” said Dave Firdaus, CEO of Gold Kidney Health Plan. “These patients deserve greater access and choice, and we believe our plans and this partnership will better serve patients by fostering collaboration between physicians to develop individualized care plans which address each member’s unique healthcare needs.”

About Duo Health:

Duo Health (“Duo”) is a new type of medical group designed around the needs of patients with chronic kidney disease and their physicians. Duo’s unique Health MobilizationTM platform partners multidisciplinary care teams with community nephrologists and activates all the other clinicians, facilities, and community organizations necessary to treat the whole patient on their own terms. The Duo Health team is comprised of leaders in value-based health care, technology and behavioral science who share a vision for advancing health equity one relationship at a time.

For more information contact: Sara Hightower partners@duohealth.com 312-402-5401

About Gold Kidney Health Plan:

Gold Kidney Health Plan is a Medicare Advantage Plan offering Medicare Advantage products for beneficiaries with Chronic Special Needs. We currently hold an insurance license in Arizona and a Medicare contract from CMS (Center for Medicare Medicaid Services). Our patient-centric care approach integrates payor, provider, and care management technology to effectively improve patient outcomes and quality. Our number one focus and priority is the patient’s well-being. To learn more, visit www.GoldKidney.com.

For more information contact: Sandra Howe Sandra.Howe@GoldKidney.com


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