Eluciderm, Inc. Wins WHS Wound Shark 2024 Innovation Award

Eluciderm, Inc. Wins WHS Wound Shark 2024 Innovation Award

Eluciderm, Inc. Wins WHS Wound Shark 2024 Innovation Award

  • Eluciderm, Inc. wins prestigious international wound healing award.
  • Eluciderm’s lead wound healing drug, ELU42, mimics the capabilities of superhealer mice.
  • ELU42 is nearing the clinical trial stage.

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eluciderm, Inc. announced today that it won the Wound Healing Society’s Wound Shark 2024 Innovation Award at the 2024 International Symposium for Advanced Wound Care (SAWC 2024). This honor goes to the most innovative company of the year in the wound healing space. The judges awarded the trophy to Eluciderm as recognition for the anticipated market impact of ELU42, a first-of-its-kind, topically administered, small-molecule drug designed to accelerate and enhance the healing of all wound types, including diabetic foot ulcers, third-degree burns, and traumatic open soft tissue wounds, all with little to no scarring.

Eluciderm’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Daniel Holsworth, PhD, said, “It is very gratifying to be recognized as an up-and-coming leader in the field of regenerative medicine. We believe the paradigm shift we bring to wound healing with our novel technology and pipeline of small-molecule therapeutics will make the difference between simply managing patients’ wounds and truly healing them.”

At the core of Eluciderm’s innovation is ELU42, a small-molecule Wnt signaling pathway inhibitor. Where decades of legacy research in the field of wound healing focused on stimulating the Wnt pathway, Eluciderm took the opposite approach. Inspiration for this new way of looking at the fundamentals of wound healing is grounded in the seminal academic research done with superhealer mice by Dr. Sarika Saraswati, PhD, Eluciderm’s Vice President of Molecular Biology. These mice are capable of healing themselves quickly after injury, and with no scarring. Dr. Saraswati said, “Our 10 years of laboratory studies mimicking the functionality of the Wnt pathway of superhealer mice revealed the intriguing possibility of regenerating healthy tissue by modulating the Wnt pathway. It is both humbling and exciting to think that our basic biological research has inspired the development of a medicine that could help people.”

The potential market impact of a drug capable of fully closing all wound types with little to no scarring is massive because no such treatment currently exists. Dr. John Delgado, MD, FAAFM, Eluciderm’s Chief Medical Officer: “As a physician with a background in functional medicine, I can tell you that a pharmaceutical that can close all open wounds and regenerate healthy tissue is the Holy Grail of wound healing.” In fact, the need for wound healing drugs is so dire that in 2022 the FDA issued a request for innovation in the development of small molecule drugs to treat chronic wounds. Dr. Delgado noted the high bar Eluciderm has set for itself: “It is our hope that what Eluciderm has created with ELU42, whether it’s used alone as a topical spray or in conjunction with existing bandages and dressings on the market, will be a game changer. We believe everyone can be a superhealer.”

In conclusion, Dr. Holsworth stated: “The entire Eluciderm Team would like to thank WHS for this prestigious award. It provides a great burst of momentum as we shift gears in the next few months from research and testing to advancing our novel series of therapeutics into the clinic, and, ultimately, to market.”

About Eluciderm, Inc.

Founded in 2018, Eluciderm, Inc. is a late-stage, regenerative medicine-focused pharmaceutical company that is developing small molecules to address wound healing and dermatological diseases. For more information about Eluciderm, visit www.eluciderm.com.


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