Emerging Markets Report: A Moment for the Mushroom

Emerging Markets Report: A Moment for the Mushroom

Emerging Markets Report: A Moment for the Mushroom

Core One Labs Looking to Compete in Psylocibin with a Proprietary Offering at a Fraction of Current Market Cost

An Emerging Markets Sponsored Commentary

ORLANDO, Fla., April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Regular readers of the Emerging Markets Report are clear as to our affinity for mushrooms and psychedelic based companies. We are firm believers in the treatment possibilities for psylocibin, especially in mental health applications.

And we believe we are in a very important moment for the mushroom. We’ll explain in just a moment but allow us to introduce our newest featured company, Core One Labs Inc. (CSE:COOL)(OTC PINK:CLABF)(FRA:LD62)(WKN:A2P8K3) which in addition to having a truly remarkable, patent pending drug delivery technology which allows for organic molecules to rapidly enter the bloodstream in precise quantities through a thin film oral strip, is also a mushroom play and a mushroom play with a tremendous competitive advantage.

Core One is intent on bringing psychedelic medicines to market through the aforementioned novel delivery systems and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. The Company intends to further develop and apply the thin film technology to psychedelic compounds, such as psilocybin, which of course, is derived from mushrooms. Core One also holds an interest in medical clinics which maintain a combined database of over 275,000 patients. Through these clinics, the integration of its intellectual property, R&D related to psychedelic treatments and novel drug therapies, the Company intends to obtain regulatory research approval for the advancement of psychedelic-derived treatments for mental health disorders.

It’s a big footprint in mushrooms and psychedelics in general. And it is happening in what we expect is a transformative moment for mushrooms. Forgive us, but we’ve seen this act before.

Having been students of the market for decades we realized that cannabis was heading toward some version of legalization reasonably early in the last decade. We saw the early signs of popular opinion turning in favor of recreational and medicinal use in some states and knew that legislative changes were afoot. One normally begets the other.

This past month in Washington D.C. a groundbreaking new law, “DC Initiative 81,” which passed overwhelmingly last fall, went into effect. Per the “Entheogenic Plant and Fungus Policy Act of 2020,” natural psychedelics such as magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and mescaline are effectively decriminalized, making arrests for their possession or use the lowest priority for D.C. police.

We believe this is the first of many decriminalization to come across the country for mushrooms and psychedelics. And we believe that laws like this change hearts and minds of future patients who won’t see these new coming treatments as the stuff of back-alley drug deals or mad scientist methodologies.

Instead, we hope, they will see mushroom based treatments as natural, long overdue solutions to a mental health crisis of epic proportions.

But despite the bright future for psylocibin therapies there is a major roadblock to the use of psylocibin products beyond the current regulatory issues.

It’s the cost of psylocibin.

Currently, chemical or mushroom derived psylocibin sells for thousands of dollars a gram which creates real limitations for getting the drug into patients. But Core One’s wholly owned subsidiary VoCan has developed a proprietary, patent-pending technique to create pharmaceutical grade psilocybin at a fraction of the price.

It’s a potential game changer.

This explains recent moves by Core One to get to market as quickly as possible. Just last week the Company announced that Vocan has expanded its product commercialization team, adding Dr. Elizabeth Matthews as Head of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs. She will oversee research and development, as well as the commercialization of Vocan’s new product offerings, including the navigation of regulatory processes involved during transition from laboratory to market.

These are they type of moves a Company makes when it is ready to monetize, to seize market share and to establish itself as a real source for a highly sought after ingredient.

We may be at a precipice, nearing a magical moment for the mushroom and Core One could very well be situated with a product offering that offers all the same efficacy at a fraction of the cost.

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