EVO ICL UNITED STATES LAUNCH: First group of patients race to Parkhurst Nuvision in San Antonio for new LASIK Eye Surgery Alternative

EVO ICL UNITED STATES LAUNCH: First group of patients race to Parkhurst Nuvision in San Antonio for new LASIK Eye Surgery Alternative

EVO ICL UNITED STATES LAUNCH: First group of patients race to Parkhurst Nuvision in San Antonio for new LASIK Eye Surgery Alternative

San Antonio, Texas , April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the recent FDA approval of EVO Visian® ICL (referred to as “EVO”), patients are lining up to get the new vision procedure now available in the United States as of April 5, 2022. EVO ICL is an implantable lens placed just below the surface of the eye that corrects nearsightedness (with or without astigmatism) to accomplish clear vision for people seeking freedom from the inconvenience, hassle, and ongoing expense of glasses and daily contact lens wear. 

Parkhurst NuVision is pulling out all the stops for their eager patients, and have enlisted Reality TV Star and past Amazing Race participant Kent Cothran to host two teams that will are literally racing each other on separate flights to get the EVO ICL lenses from the manufacturer in California back to San Antonio, Texas. 

There are two teams that started the “Amazing Race to EVO” on April 5th to secure the EVO lenses in Los Angeles and make the 1,300-mile trek back to Texas:

On the Gray Team – We have Heather Parkhurst, wife of Dr. Parkhurst, who is paired up with Liz. Liz is a soon-to-be bride and wants to get EVO just in time for her upcoming wedding.  Liz said she is most looking forward to ridding herself of glasses and contacts so she can swim and go diving with her new husband on their upcoming honeymoon.

On the Blue team, we have Dr. Lauren Libfraind, one of the surgeons at Parkhurst NuVision. She is teamed up with Kyle. Kyle is getting ready to join the Police Academy, and one of the departments for which he is applying requires 20/20 vision. He is hoping that EVO will give him the vision he needs in such a physically demanding line of work.

Who will get there first? Who will get their EVO first in the United States? Join us on instagram live as the adventure continues throughout the day!

“These patients have waited years for the EVO to be approved, and they’re excited to finally be able to wake up and see with the clear vision they’ve always wanted.  It kind of reminds me of people camping outside of the Apple store before a new iPhone release,” said Dr. Gregory Parkhurst of Parkhurst NuVision, leading clinical investigator in the FDA EVO study and one of the first vision correction practices to perform EVO in the United States. “More than 1 million EVO procedures have been performed worldwide, and we’re excited to see EVO get the FDA stamp of approval here in the US. We will be performing the first group of surgeries in the US within the next 24 hours. As of right now there are 14 procedures on the schedule, so we envision working well into the night to help all those eager to get the first group of EVO lenses in the nation.”

About EVO: Long-term vision correction with the EVO ICL is a quick and effective procedure that offers many benefits. EVO can correct vision for a wide range of eye prescriptions and delivers excellent night vision with built-in UV protection. The EVO lens may be an ideal option for patients who don’t prefer to wear glasses and contact lenses to see and are not candidates for LASIK eye surgery. EVO is designed to provide permanent vision correction, and for added peace of mind, it is both removable and replaceable if needed. 

ABOUT PARKHURST NUVISION: Parkhurst NuVision is widely known as a premier vision correction surgery center and clinical research facility. The group practice was founded by award-winning ophthalmologist, Dr. Gregory Parkhurst, who has been one of the most experienced ICL surgeons in North America for multiple years, and implanted the first Toric ICL for astigmatism in the US post FDA approval in 2018. Parkhurst NuVision proudly serves the community of San Antonio, Texas, as well as the many patients who travel from across the nation for our expertise in eye surgery. As a leader in personalized vision procedures, we are committed to offering the full range of vision correction solutions, including EVO ICL, LASIK, SMILE LASIK, PRK, Laser Lens Treatment (RLE), and Laser Cataract Surgery. Whatever your eye prescription or stage in life, the team at Parkhurst NuVision is here to help you see.

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