Ex-Apple / Tesla Leaders Raise $1,000,000 in 1 Hour From Retail Investors, On Track to Release World’s First Artificial Human Arm

Ex-Apple / Tesla Leaders Raise $1,000,000 in 1 Hour From Retail Investors, On Track to Release World’s First Artificial Human Arm

Ex-Apple / Tesla Leaders Raise $1,000,000 in 1 Hour From Retail Investors, On Track to Release World’s First Artificial Human Arm

Revolutionizing the $800B+ physical disability industry, Atom Limbs is giving 50 million limb-different people their limbs back.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Atom Limbs, a technology company combining breakthroughs in neural interfacing and human-scale robotics to create mind-controlled bionic limbs, launched its regulation CF equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder. The Atom Limbs Regulation CF Offering raised $1,000,000 in 1 hour, and is just shy of $2,000,000 raised in total. Atom opened its latest investment round in anticipation of a 2023 release of the company’s first product, Atom Touch. The world’s first artificial human arm, Atom Touch is neurally and non-invasively mind-controlled, offers a near-full range of human motion, restores a basic sense of touch, and is worn with a revolutionary apparel attachment system. Atom Touch is the only prosthetic in the world that enables individual finger movement. Atom Limbs is disrupting the $800B+ physical disability industry.

“Atom is my 4th company and hopefully my last company — my life mission is to end disability,” said Tyler Hayes, Co-Founder and CEO of Atom Limbs. “After selling my last company Bebo to Amazon and scaling a social platform to 1 billion users, I wanted to return to big, meaningful problems impactful to all of humanity. No one should have to live with a permanent injury or disability. We have reusable rockets and electric cars… it’s time for artificial limbs.”

Atom’s mission is powered by a world-class leadership team from Apple, Tesla, Intel, IDEO and Nike. CEO Tyler Hayes isn’t the only one with impressive achievements on the team; the team’s track record includes bringing the first iPhone, iMac, and Tesla Roadster to market under the leadership of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. The team has collectively been named on more than 1,000 patents and has created over $100B in value.

Atom Limbs’ technology includes proprietary patents and an exclusive partnership with Johns Hopkins to consumerize the Modular Prosthetic Limb system, which received $120M of R&D funding from the United States Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). After 15 years of R&D, Atom has been massively improving the prototype of the mind-controlled bionic arm with over 50 iterations this year alone. The company has been able to radically reduce costs while substantially increasing consumer value— making the first artificial human arm market ready.

Backed by venture capital firm Village Global whose LPs include Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, Atom Limbs is poised to create monumental impact in a dinosaur industry ripe for disruption. With breakthrough robotics, autonomy and piloting, and smart wearables that create an unprecedented human experience for people living with physical disabilities, Atom has announced beta testing, with a waitlist growing 80% weekly.

The Atom Limbs Regulation CF Offering is available on Wefunder and is open to both accredited and non-accredited, with a minimum investment of $250. The investment opportunity is available for a limited time only.

To learn more about Atom Limbs and its mission, as well as how to invest, please visit www.wefunder.com/atomlimbs.

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Founded in 2019, Atom Limbs is a technology company on a mission to end physical disability. Combining breakthroughs in neural interfacing and human-scale robotics, Atom Limbs creates mind-controlled bionic limbs only thought of as sci-fi until now. www.atomlimbs.com


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