Genome Insight Develops ‘StreamSeq’ Technology for High-speed Whole Genome Analysis

Genome Insight Develops ‘StreamSeq’ Technology for High-speed Whole Genome Analysis

Genome Insight Develops ‘StreamSeq’ Technology for High-speed Whole Genome Analysis

– providing genome-wide insights in hours for patients with critical, acute conditions

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genome Insight, a precision medicine whole genome platform company, announced on the 19th that it has been granted a patent for its ‘StreamSeq’ technology. The ‘StreamSeq’ technology received a patent registration decision from the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and applications have been completed at the US and European patent offices.

‘StreamSeq’ is a groundbreaking technology that can analyze whole genome information in just a few hours. ‘StreamSeq’ takes its name from the concept of streaming as a way to watch or listen to content while downloading the file. ‘StreamSeq’ allows the provider to “stream” whole genome data for analysis while the sequencing work is still being done. ‘StreamSeq’ analyzes whole genome data with less than 20% of the entire data set available, saving precious time for patients with time sensitive, acute conditions.

Once introduced into the clinic, Genome Insight’s ‘StreamSeq’ technology can detect point mutations within 10 hours and structural variations within 30 hours from the moment sequencing work starts. This timeframe allows reporting of medically meaningful insights to clinicians for patients with time sensitive conditions such as acute cancers and congenital metabolic diseases. Moreover, ‘StreamSeq’ has the advantage of being cost efficient because it uses the existing sequencing platform and workflow as-is. This is different from other rapid sequencing approaches that require a dedicated platform just for this purpose.

Young Seok Ju, CEO of Genome Insight, said, “With StreamSeq, we expect genome-wide analysis to be widely available at a reasonable cost for patients in critical, acute situations.”

About Genome Insight

Genome Insight is a fast-growing whole-genome diagnostic and precision medicine company focusing on cancer and rare diseases. The company has an automated whole-genome pipeline coupled with a bioinformatics-powered digital solution that rapidly generates meaningful medical insights making it possible to use whole genome insights in real-life clinical settings. The company’s headquarters is in San Diego (US) with R&D offices in Seoul and Daejeon (Korea). To learn more, please visit


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