Halo Dental Technologies Showcase Their Digital Mirror at Montreal-based JDIQ Annual Conference

Halo Dental Technologies Showcase Their Digital Mirror at Montreal-based JDIQ Annual Conference

Halo Dental Technologies Showcase Their Digital Mirror at Montreal-based JDIQ Annual Conference

At the largest bilingual dental convention in North America, Halo will showcase the first-of-its-kind digital dental mirror at its home-city event, for leading dentists and hygienists in Canada.

MONTREAL, May 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Halo Dental Technologies, the developer behind the much-anticipated Halo Digital Mirror, is bringing the innovation to Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec (JDIQ), a flagship event organized annually by the Ordre des Dentistes du Québec (ODQ) May 27-28, 2024. Halo Dental Technologies will showcase its Montreal-based Digital Mirror, introduce the new technology to Halo’s home community, and promote the product’s waitlist to receive the mirror when it’s ready for delivery in early 2025.

The Journées Dentaires Internationales du Québec is the largest bilingual (English/French) dental convention in North America. For more than five decades, the JDIQ has been bringing cutting-edge technologies and best practices to the dental community to shape the future of dentistry. It is also a crossroads of opportunity for sharing excellence in knowledge, continuing education and networking. JDIQ brings together audiences from near and far who are passionate about oral health.

While at JDIQ, Halo will be giving dental professionals in the province the opportunity to experience the device first-hand, see its features, capabilities, design traits, and use cases in action.

JDIQ serves as a dual focus for Halo, not only as it allows the company to introduce one of dentistry’s biggest care device innovations in decades. The Digital Mirror has already exhibited extensively throughout the United States, receiving praise for it filling such an obvious need in modern dentistry, and for its ability to streamline patient care and education chairside.

Additionally, JDIQ is a homecoming of sorts for Halo. While The Digital Mirror was announced earlier this year, the Montreal-based conference takes place in the place where the device was conceived, developed, engineered, and built.

The Halo Digital Mirror ushers in a new era in dental instrumentation, redefining patient communication and enhancing oral healthcare delivery. Crafted for innovative patient engagement, The Digital Mirror seamlessly integrates into the practice at the point of care, helping elevate patient’s comprehension about their care during dental procedures.

Dreamed up by Dr. Claude Chamoun, a Montreal-based dentist who has practiced for 18 years, the Halo Digital Mirror came to life from the basement of his dental office and has been well supported by local dentists including Dr. Yvan Poitras, founder of Institut Canadien d’Implantologie.

“JDIQ is a unique event for us at Halo, because it’s the only such conference in Canada, in our home city, where the Digital Mirror was conceived, brought to life, and supported by a local community of dentists. It serves as a sort of local unveiling for the company after a busy year of introducing the device to dentists internationally,” said Peter Khoury, CEO of Halo Dental Technologies. “We’ve been overwhelmed by positive support wherever we’ve gone, so we’re thrilled to come home and introduce the Halo Digital Mirror to Canadian dentists.”

The new Halo Digital Mirror enhances patient communications and allows for greater efficiency at the point of care. The new device also improves customer care while reducing flow interruptions and potentially lower costs.

Halo designed The Digital Mirror to eliminate disruptions between the provider and patient in the care setting, reducing “noise” during the patient visit. It also allows providers to spend more focused time with the patient – improving the patient experience and enhancing clinical workflows and data capture.

Halo Digital Mirror benefits
Specifically, the Halo Digital Mirror offers:

  • Patient Communication: Streamlined visual communication with the patient, allowing the concept of co-diagnosis with the patient to empower them through understanding and control.
  • Image Capture at your fingertips: Seamless voice activated image capture and annotations for clearer documentation.
  • Streamlined processes: A wide range of often-used tools and processes rolled into one handy device that is designed for all-day use.

The Digital Mirror also provides integrated LED diffused light and a wide-angle HD camera for improved fog-free visibility to facilitate detailed examinations. It’s also made of high-strength titanium construction for enduring durability without compromising on weight and feel that is similar to conventional dental mirrors.

With these benefits included, the Halo Digital Mirror is designed to participate in every part of the patient’s clinical journey – from education to examination.

To see, touch, and experience the Halo Digital Mirror at JDIQ, visit the Halo booth #1905.

For more information about The Digital Mirror and to join the waitlist, visit halodental.com.

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Halo Dental Technologies is a pioneering developer of innovative solutions for the dental industry. With a mission to revolutionize patient care and streamline dental workflows, Halo Dental Technologies leverages cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to deliver unparalleled products and services.

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