Healthwise Releases Innovative Virtual Health Programs

Healthwise Releases Innovative Virtual Health Programs

Healthwise Releases Innovative Virtual Health Programs

BOISE, Idaho, Jan. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Healthwise, a leader in evidence-based health education, technology, and services, announced today the launch of Healthwise® Digital Health Programs to help improve patient satisfaction, clinician efficiency, and health outcomes. Patients who want to better manage their health from home, and health systems actively seeking new ways to reach patients, can now use a new generation of virtual health programs to help them succeed. These virtual programs are now available to all health systems.

Using one of Healthwise’s initial five Programs Suites, providers can send patients the right education for precisely the right moment of care. Digital delivery, mobile-friendly design, and periodic reminders can advance population health, assist clinicians with routine tasks, and provide patients with health education.

How Digital Health Programs Work

It’s more important than ever to scale your communications to reduce the strain on people and processes—and digital innovations are a key part of the solution. Digital Health Programs allow your organization to send supportive materials for each phase of a procedure or condition—exactly when the patient needs it. Patient expectations for healthcare experiences have evolved. With features like assessments, biometrics trackers, and custom surveys, you’ll meet those expectations and keep people involved in their care.

Health systems receive aggregate and individual analytics so they can see how patients are progressing through the program. From monitoring patients’ biometric data to tracking open rates, Digital Health Programs help care teams improve health outcomes and measure patient engagement.

Healthwise’s Digital Health Programs cover three of the four most expensive conditions in the United States. (diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and hypertension).1 A health system can use any or all five of the Digital Health Programs Suites:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Cardiac Rehab
  3. Colonoscopy and Endoscopy
  4. Orthopedics
  5. Pregnancy and Newborn

“Digital Health Programs extend the reach and resources of health systems and offer new opportunities to manage care, reduce costs, and achieve better health outcomes,” says Landon Reese, Chief Product Officer at Healthwise. “Automatic delivery of scalable educational programs tailored to specific service lines frees your clinicians to focus on the people who need it most.”

Healthwise CEO Adam Husney adds, “This is critical for the healthcare industry and has the potential to dramatically transform the virtual care space. We are thrilled that we can bring groundbreaking digital health solutions to so many providers, patients, and health systems.”

Early feedback has been encouraging. One patient who completed the Digital Health Program on type 2 diabetes says, “I am already using some of the new strategies I learned, and it is working. Great program!”

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in historic digital health utilization, making it a priority and, in many cases, a preference for patients and providers. To learn more about Healthwise Digital Health Programs, read the eBook, “How to Use Digital Health Programs to Future-Proof Your Hospital System” or visit

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