Inovalon Achieves NCQA HEDIS® Measure Certification for the 23rd Consecutive Year

Inovalon Achieves NCQA HEDIS® Measure Certification for the 23rd Consecutive Year

Inovalon Achieves NCQA HEDIS® Measure Certification for the 23rd Consecutive Year

Inovalon Converged Quality, Cloud Software Empowers More Than 80% of the Nation’s Clinical Outcomes Measurement Analytics

BOWIE, Md., Aug. 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Inovalon, a leading provider of cloud-based software empowering data-driven healthcare, has achieved the 23rd year in a row of NCQA HEDIS® Measure Certification (MY2023). The market leader in quality measurement and reporting, Inovalon enables more than 100 health plans with its Converged Quality software (formerly known as QSI-XL®) which processes more than 207 million lives each year, or more than 80% of all HEDIS® covered lives across the United States.

The increasing complexity of federal and state-based quality performance rating programs, together with the rising impact of HEDIS® on NCQA ratings on health plans and performance-based provider health systems, are driving significant demand for real-time analytics and actionable insights that require a highly scalable, cloud-based solution.

NCQA issues a new set of analytical measure requirements annually. The software that manages the analytical processing of these measures must meet exacting certification requirements. Inovalon completed all software updates following NCQA’s annual certification processes on July 5, 2023. This marked the earliest ever availability of a new HEDIS® Measurement Year (MY2023) analytic capability set. An early release helps customers navigate upcoming data management, analytical processes, and future reporting timelines sooner, enabling them to identify, address, and improve upon gaps in care for their member populations.

Inovalon Converged Quality software supports programs key to health plans’ success for NCQA’s annual reporting of HEDIS® measures which are used in:

  • CMS’ Medicare Advantage Health Plan Star Ratings
  • NCQA accreditation programs
  • HHS’ ACA Marketplace Quality Ratings System
  • Payer value-based contracts
  • State Medicaid public reporting programs
  • Data enrichment solutions to help customers follow NCQA’s new race and ethnicity stratifications in measures supporting Healthy Equity analytics

“At Inovalon, our commitment to support our customers’ clinical quality analytics needs has never been stronger,” said Craig Savage, President and General Manager, Inovalon Payer business unit. “Our Converged Quality solution is highly differentiated within the marketplace through our continued delivery of innovations boosting the speed and sophistication of our cloud software platform, the breadth of our healthcare ecosystem connectivity, and the analytical impact enabled by our massive primary source dataset.”

Key 2023 advancements of Inovalon’s Payer Cloud Converged Quality solution include:

  • Greater Scalability: As organizations get larger, analytical questions become more complex, and sub-segmentation inquiries becomes more granular, the combined compute demands can expand exponentially. Converged Quality uses industry-leading cloud native autoscaling to allow customers to achieve their most complex analysis and the most granular level while realizing smooth execution and reliability.
  • Faster Processing: Customers’ data can be processed at near-real-time speeds, regardless of the size of their patient population or complexity of segmentation, allowing customers to get insights into their patient quality status and gaps needing to be resolved more quickly.
  • Integrated Convergence: Customers no longer need to have separate teams, analytical solutions, or run a separate process to analyze disparate critical goals around quality, risk, vaccine adherence, business intelligence, provider enablement, or patient engagement coordination. Any customer using any one of the Inovalon Converged Solutions can now easily turn on other solutions – with minimal additional workload lift – improving speed, costs, operational simplicity, execution team size, and total patient 360 visibility.
  • Enabled Engagement Convergence: With comprehensive patient analyses across all areas of need (quality, risk, adherence, etc.) available within one resulting data lake, the coordination of patient outreach and engagement can be streamlined – increasing patient engagement and decreasing provider friction, while also avoiding separate campaigns, confusing communications, and wasteful duplication.

Inovalon Payer Cloud software solutions are the leading choice for more than 80% of the U.S. clinical quality reporting health plan membership population, including more than 100 health plans, and 23 of the top 25 health plans by patient membership count. To learn more visit:

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