Inscopix’s nVue System for Brain Mapping Named Innovation of the Year by The Scientist

Inscopix’s nVue System for Brain Mapping Named Innovation of the Year by The Scientist

Inscopix’s nVue System for Brain Mapping Named Innovation of the Year by The Scientist

PALO ALTO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Neurotwitter–Inscopix, Inc., a neuroscience company helping decode the brain for tomorrow’s treatments, announced that its dual color miniscope imaging technology, the nVue™ System, has been named the top innovation for 2021 by The Scientist Magazine based on an independent review from a team of esteemed judges. This marks the second time The Scientist has recognized pioneering neuroscience technology from Inscopix as the innovation of the year. The Scientist previously recognized Inscopix’s nVistaTM HD as the top innovation of 2013.

The nVue system enables longitudinal, dual color imaging of two distinct cell populations in freely-behaving animals, allowing researchers to study the brain at a circuitry and functional level for the gaining of new insights that will help develop therapies addressing brain diseases, the biggest healthcare problem in the world.

“Developing technologies that help us understand the complexities of the brain has been Inscopix’s mission since day one and we are honored to again be recognized by The Scientist as having the most innovative technology for 2021 among other awe-inspiring innovations,” said Kunal Ghosh, Ph.D., CEO at Inscopix. “The arc that spans our two awards underscores Inscopix’s evolution and growth over the last decade and our devotion to innovation and driving the understanding of how the brain works to address the neurological disorders that plague humanity.”

The Scientist’s article on Inscopix’s nVue System highlights its innovation, small size and ability to show neural activity in freely moving animals, giving “neuroscientists an unprecedented view into how these different brain signals communicate and talk with each other during naturalistic behaviors.”

“Weighing in at two grams, the nVue System is about the size of a Lego brick …. Beyond basic biology, the dual miniscope can aid translational research for neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative conditions, such as anxiety or Alzheimer’s disease,” the award says. “The innovation is in what it allows researchers to do, which is to follow two activities in the brains of freely behaving animals over time,” noted the independent judges.

Inscopix’s technology is already in use by basic and translational researchers in both academia and pharma in more than 450 labs that have produced almost 200 publications describing many breakthrough discoveries about brain function and disorders. By uncovering the connections between neurons, the company and its collaborators are able to gain insights into directly actionable targets for therapeutic intervention to treat brain-related diseases.

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Inscopix is a brain mapping platform company focused on decoding the mind to better understand and address all neurological disorders. We are solving perhaps the greatest unmet need in humanity – understanding how the brain works – and leveraging that knowledge to develop effective neurological treatments. With almost 200 peer-reviewed publications validating our innovative brain circuitry mapping technology, Inscopix is empowering the neuroscience research community to advance science while bringing a new generation of transformational therapeutics to patients with difficult-to-treat brain disorders. Learn more at and follow us @inscopix.


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