Introducing the Newest, Only U.S.A. Made Intraoral Scanner

Introducing the Newest, Only U.S.A. Made Intraoral Scanner

Introducing the Newest, Only U.S.A. Made Intraoral Scanner

Ori is proud to release the Ori Dental Scanner.

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ori Dental announced the launch of the Ori Intraoral Scanner in November of 2022, a modern alternative to traditional dental PVS impressions. With the Ori Intraoral Scanner, dental practitioners will have a faster, easier, more accurate solution, providing an overall better patient experience.

This intraoral dental scanner is made to be faster, lighter, more accurate, and less expensive than traditional PVS dental impressions. To make the Ori Scanner the most innovative on the market, the company focused on these main aspects:

  • High accuracy — Differentiates between soft and hard tissue to create a more accurate scan.
  • American-made — The only dental scanner available that is made in the U.S.
  • More comfortable — The lightest scanner available, Ori eliminates hand, arm, and shoulder fatigue to dental professionals.
  • High strength — Made with robust aerospace-grade aluminum for maximum longevity.
  • Improved efficiency — Complete a scan in less than five minutes and get instant digital results.
  • New flexibility — Software works on an open system. Dentists can send scans to the lab they choose, enabling faster data sharing and appliance production.
  • Better pricing — Scanner is more cost-effective and doesn’t require monthly operating fees.

Learn more about the scanner here.

Ori Scanner began with clinicians and laboratories who worked with the Smiles for Life Foundation, an organization that provides dental care to underserved communities worldwide. While on a trip to the Dominican Republic, some of the clinical and laboratory team questioned if they could provide more permanent dental fixes for patients with an intraoral scanner capable of producing accurate impressions for permanent prosthetics, instead of the temporary fixes that were currently provided. This led them to create their own scanner — one that would be portable and affordable for dental outreach trips. Today, Ori’s founding team includes many well-known clinical leaders and organizations in the industry. Ori offers a product to help dentists worldwide provide better patient care while making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

About Ori

Ori aims to make dental products better for dentists and patients. By pairing comfortable, streamlined designs and the most advanced technology, the company focuses on creating cutting-edge devices that take dentistry to the next level.


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