Inventory Management Solution Helps a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company to Substantially Reduce Overhead Costs | Infiniti’s Recent  Client Engagement

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#inventorymanagementsolution–The global pharmaceutical manufacturing industry has been growing at a steady pace. However, it is still plagued with various challenges. Issues such as meeting global quality standards, managing supply chain operations, and adhering to new healthcare reforms, can be extremely challenging for pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Infiniti’s inventory management solution enables companies to reduce costs, increase visibility into the supply chain, and improve communication with all supply chain parties. In their recent engagement, Infiniti’s experts assisted a pharmaceutical manufacturing company in reducing overhead costs by 32% and achieve huge savings in profit margins.

Leverage Infiniti’s inventory management solution to address supply chain challenges and meet the demands of the rapidly evolving pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, request a free proposal.

“Although the global pharmaceutical manufacturing market has been experiencing positive growth over these years, the industry is not completely free of challenges. To succeed in the long-run, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies need to reduce costs, increase agility, and improve speed to market,” says an inventory management solution expert at Infiniti Research.

Business Challenge:

The client, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company based out of Italy, was facing difficulties with tracking and tracing goods due to inadequate visibility into the supply chain. Increasing costs throughout the supply chain network were putting pressure on profit margins, and the likelihood of drug shortages had increased. Additionally, the client did not have access to timely and accurate data from supply chain partiers, and this caused synchronization challenges. Issues such as heat sensitivity, cross-contamination, and maintaining the right temperature range was a major concern. Therefore, the client chose to partner with Infiniti Research and leverage our expertise in offering inventory management solutions. Within the five-week engagement, the client sought to enhance supply chain management while ensuring safer products for patients.

Our Approach:

To assist the pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Infiniti’s inventory management solution experts developed a comprehensive approach that included the following:

  • Designing, planning, and monitoring supply chain activities of the pharmaceutical manufacturing market client
  • Forecasting drug demand-based historical data, and planning outsourcing and distribution for the client
  • Aligning inventory levels with peaks and dips in demand
  • Conducting a supply and demand analysis, and balancing supply and demand in a manner that achieves the financial and service objectives of the enterprise

Business Outcome:

With Infiniti’s inventory management solution, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company was able to manage supply chain activities, invest in SCM software, and increase visibility into the supply chain. Consequently, the client was able to synchronize supply and demand and reduce the likelihood of drug shortages. Additionally, increased visibility into the supply chain enabled the client to improve communication, collaboration, and coordination with all supply chain parties. The company successfully implemented backup plans for potential challenges such as manufacturing delays or the availability of raw materials by having access to real-time data.

By leveraging Infiniti’s inventory management solution, the client:

  • Leveraged cold chain shipping to transport drugs that are heat sensitive and susceptible to contamination
  • Reduced overhead costs by 32%. Read the complete article to find out how.
  • Achieved huge savings in profit margins

Speak to industry experts to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how our inventory management solution helps pharmaceutical manufacturing companies increase visibility into the supply chain and reduce overhead costs.

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