Joonghun Pharmaceutical Has Launched Artgaon to Compete With Top European Fillers

Joonghun Pharmaceutical Has Launched Artgaon to Compete With Top European Fillers

Joonghun Pharmaceutical Has Launched Artgaon to Compete With Top European Fillers

SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Joonghun Pharmaceutical has officially launched their premium cross-linked hyaluronic acid dermal filler, Artgaon.

Artgaon, with its certification of the CE mark, is specifically aimed to target the European aesthetic market as its slogan states “The Finest, for European Professionals”. Joonghun Pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical company in South Korea that specializes in Hyaluronic Acid Injections used in orthopedic treatments for 15 years. With their in-depth knowledge of HA characteristics, they were able to develop a dermal filler designed to compete against the top European brands in the aesthetics industry.

According to Dr. YeoHye Yoon, the Quality Director from Joonghun, the main vision for Artgaon during its product development was to provide a new aesthetic experience like no other for both the patient and practitioner. To deliver this experience, Artgaon was focused on two things: high quality and unique cross-linking technology.

Artgaon is manufactured under strict pharmaceutical guidelines despite dermal fillers being classified as medical devices. “This commitment enables us to have higher standards of safety for every component of the filler. For example, Artgaon is manufactured in cleanrooms that control particles as small as 10-micrometers. Naturally, this makes Artgaon extremely clean, which we believe would add to the confidence of doctors using our product.”

Artgaon’s unique cross-linking technology allows doctors to enjoy an injection force of a mere 7-8 newtons that is smooth and consistent. Despite this, Artgaon boasts high elastic (G prime) and cohesive properties when inside the skin. Joonghun claims that their formula for Artgaon shows natural results not only by looks but by experiences felt by patients as well. “Artgaon really allows the doctor to mold the beauty they want for their patients due to the low injection force coupled with high molding capabilities.”

The gel characteristics of Artgaon is to be expressed in their soon to be updated package designs. “Artgaon’s new package designs are based on the architectural structure of the industrial era, which remain firm and capture beauty even to this day. We wanted this architectural beauty from the industrial era to represent Artgaon’s gel structure; to be firm and attain its beauty even over time.”

The quality and performance of Artgaon has already surprised doctors who have tested Artgaon. It is only a matter of time until Artgaon disrupts the beauty market of Europe and the world.


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