Leave to Appeal in patent dispute over C-RAD’s entitlement to patents granted

The Stockholm Patent and Market court confirmed in its verdict dated July 26, 2019, C‑RAD’s right to the patent application “Ionizing radiation detecting device”. The

opposing party, Beamocular AB, appealed the verdict. Now, the appeal court (Svea Hovrätt- Patent- och marknadsöverdomstolen) has granted leave to appeal.

Leave to appeal is granted in the large majority of appeals in patent cases. The decision to leave grant to the appeal does in itself not indicate how the appeal court will rule after having heard the case on the merits.

The appeal court will try the case based on the same material as in the district court. C‑RAD’s view is that nothing new has happened, and C-RAD’s assessment of its chances to successfully defend its right to the invention remains unchanged.

The background to the dispute relates to a patent entitlement lawsuit that C-RAD filed against Beamocular with the Patent and Market Court in Stockholm on May 22, 2017. C-RAD claims the ownership rights of the invention described in the patent application “Ionizing radiation detecting device” from Beamocular. The ownership in the rights of the patent does not have a significant impact on C‑RADs long-term strategy as the patent is not utilized at the moment.

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