Lenica Research Unveils New Partnership with Health Gauge & Commercial Launch of its Peak Cognition Sports Training Platform

Lenica Research Unveils New Partnership with Health Gauge & Commercial Launch of its Peak Cognition Sports Training Platform

Lenica Research Unveils New Partnership with Health Gauge & Commercial Launch of its Peak Cognition Sports Training Platform

EDMONTON, Alberta, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lenica Research Group, a leader in the development of innovative, evidence-based tools to improve brain function and enhance athletic performance, wishes to announce a new partnership with Edmonton’s Health Gauge and the pending commercial launch of Lenica’s Peak Cognition sports training platform.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Health Gauge as we gear up for the July 1st commercial launch of our Peak Cognition training platform, which marks the culmination of years of product development and market testing involving our team members, our dedicated training centre supporters and our partners at the University of Alberta,” says Simba Nyazika, Lenica’s founder and CEO.

“Health Gauge’s best-in-class wearable health monitoring technology, Phoenix, harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Cloud Computing (CC) to instantly generate key biometric data for users. By incorporating that data on the Peak Cognition platform, we will significantly enhance its value to our athletes, coaches and sports organizations,” he adds.

Randy Duguay, CEO of Health Gauge and its Toronto-based corporate parent, AI/ML Innovations Inc., says the partnership with Lenica reflects their shared focus on employing advanced digital health tools to enhance performance and support overall health and wellness.

“We’re committed to serving people on their health journey, whatever their personal goals are. By combining Lenica’s Virtual Reality (VR)-enhanced sports training platform and Health Gauge’s physiological health information capture technology – which generates detailed data on heart health, stress management, skin temperature and other key metrics – we’ll be able to offer athletes, coaches and trainers an incredibly precise and comprehensive picture of an athlete’s current state of health and how to improve it.”

Dozens of athletes, coaches and trainers have used Lenica’s VR app since it was launched in 2017. The Peak Cognition platform includes a dashboard and other features that allow sports teams and training centres to use Lenica’s training programs on an individual or group basis.
Over the past year, Lenica rebuilt the Peak Cognition platform to more effectively monitor, assess, compare and improve the cognitive performance of athletes on such key metrics as complex movement perception, situational awareness, processing speed and working memory. Although the pandemic delayed the commercial launch of the platform, which was initially planned for January 2021, Lenica completed an alpha test involving approximately 20 athletes last summer, and will conclude a beta test involving some 35 users by the end of June.

“We’re pleased to see the successful conclusion of Lenica’s beta test as the company gears up for its commercial market launch on July 1st,” says Scott Phillips, Assistant Chair of the U of A’s Department of Psychiatry, which has supported Lenica’s development over the past several years. “We believe Lenica’s innovative technology shows great promise in both the sports performance and healthcare markets.”

“The beta test allowed us to validate the platform’s performance, identify glitches and make additional product quality enhancements,” says Nyazika. “Although the shutdown of athletic training facilities delayed our commercial launch, it gave us added time to establish relationships with suppliers, and we’re now game-ready for the commercial marketplace.”

BoboVR will supply the VR shells for the mobile version of Lenica’s training platform, and Pico Interactive will supply the high-end VR shells for the standalone version used by sports training centres. “We’re looking forward to announcing the first commercial users of the Peak Cognition platform in the very near future,” says Nyazika.

In the health market, Lenica is also developing The Escape Room, a VR-based cognitive training tool designed to improve cognition in patients recovering from brain injury. The program, developed with healthcare professionals to target key cognitive attributes affected by stroke or other forms of traumatic brain injury, has successfully undergone patient trials at an Edmonton rehabilitation hospital and will soon be marketed under the Peak Cognition brand. 

About Lenica Research Group: https://www.lenica.ca/
Lenica Research Group is an Edmonton-based neurotechnology development firm that is focused on the sports performance and healthcare markets. Its collaborative team of researchers, healthcare professionals and technology experts design innovative tools to improve brain function, enhance athletic performance, and treat such conditions as dementia and stroke. Lenica’s corporate mission is to improve the quality of peoples’ lives and empower them with tools to monitor, assess, repair and improve brain health.

About Health Gauge: https://healthgauge.com/
Health Gauge’s patent-pending solution is a personal health monitoring & management system, which combines the latest wearable health monitors with sophisticated artificial intelligence software tools and proprietary cloud computing software, to help caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals access and utilize relevant data, resulting in better recovery outcomes and healthier living choices. Health Gauge is 70%-owned by AI/ML Innovations Inc., whose shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol AIML.

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